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Time to change your approach…

Weight control and weight loss for many people is a challenge at the best of times. Many clients tell me time and time again that diets don’t work for them…

The weight comes off and gradually it’s put back on. Then, the whole predictable cycle, repeats itself over and over again. Sounds familiar?

There’s no getting away from the fact that our body weight is a product governed by calories consumed versus calories burned – but you know that already don’t you?

True, we are what we eat, but more importantly, why do we follow our eating patterns e.g. comfort eating, binging/purging, secret eating… Why do we avoid doing certain activities in favour of others? Will developing confidence and self esteem hold the key? By getting to the root causes of questions like these and many more can often make the difference in you achieving what ever you wish to achieve in terms of weight loss and weight control long term.

In short, there are no simple answers, if there were, we would know them and we would all be our ideal self.

The Crees Method ©

I have been working on The Crees Method © for over ten years now. It has taken much research, time and effort to formulate what I believe is an innovative approach to weight loss and weight control. These sessions are designed for individuals who are serious about modifying their weight but as yet, haven’t discovered a successful approach for them. This is an opportunity for you to help and guide yourself towards a healthier lifestyle. In short, when clients follow The Crees method © the plan works – when clients deviate from the plan they do not achieve their desired goals and aspirations. It really is that straightforward. The choice is yours – make the smart one…

The Crees Method © utilises Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet to get the correct results for you. You’ll be surprised to know that you have all the resources you need. It will take commitment, patience and time.  However, with my assistance the results could show themselves far quicker than you might imagine…

So, if you’re serious about losing/controlling your weight (and not expecting someone else to control/lose it for you…) then this method is for you.

Weight loss – client experiences

“When I came to speak to David about my weight issues, I felt like I was in a situation that was only going to keep getting worse. Over 6 months, I lost 5 ½ stone with David’s help and encouragement. It wasn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t have done it without the change of attitude that David’s techniques helped me to achieve. He’s shown me a way to stay focused and stay healthy. Thanks again for your help!”
James, Cheltenham

“Before I went to see David Crees at Ethical Minds I was happy with most aspects of my life. What some people wouldn’t give to feel that way! Unfortunately, there was one issue that appeared to cloud out all the more positive parts: over eating. I knew that diets weren’t the answer but I didn’t know where to go from there. David, by working with me as an individual, showed me HOW to deal with my problem. He uses techniques that are tailored to the individual. I’m losing weight slowly but surely and feel imbued with a new found sense of motivation & enthusiasm. I’ve learned a lot about myself  and equipped with this knowledge feel very well prepared for my happy future.”
Annie D.  Brockworth, Glos.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for helping me to lose weight through just one session. It’s its been a year now since that session but the weight is still coming off. I have always been sceptical of hypnotherapy but am now a convert and can see how it could help in many other areas of my life … I’ll be back.”
Rachael W.     Bishops Cleeve.


So, if you’re serious about controlling your weight – this is your chance to change – take it!

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