Sports Performance Hypnosis

Sports Performance Hypnosis

Discovering sports performance hypnosis in Cheltenham could be the difference that makes the difference for you and / or your team mates. My current and past clients include elite sporting professionals at the top of their game from the world of archery, badminton, bowls, golf, rugby, football and triathlon. I have also successfully assisted Olympians, leading equestrians, MX riders, boxers, key Martial Artists and International coaches to significantly improve their performance levels at their chosen sport.

  • Has your confidence been shattered by a recent poor performance?
  • Do you need to be re-focused to get back to winning ways?
  • Did you fail in your performance when it when it really mattered?

Performance level

You’re training anywhere between 3 – 10 times a week. You take your achievement and performance level very seriously. You’ve established a sensible eating plan that reflects your physiological needs. However, when it really matters do you wish you could find that mental difference that makes the difference?

So whether you have to make that crucial shot, overcome golf yips, achieve that ‘PB’ or lift your performance when everyone around you is shattered, a winning combination of  Sports Performance Hypnosis and NLP could be the answer you, and or, your team have  been searching for.

Having personally competed and refereed at National level and also being a highly qualified Sports Performance coach,  I know from first hand experience how much winning will mean to you and your team mates. Silver medals are just not good enough…

Being physically fit is only a fraction of what it takes to succeed at top levels. Whilst we use our conscious minds to achieve great results we often forget that this is just the tip of the iceberg. By understanding and unleashing the true potential contained in our unconscious minds we are able to move up and surge ahead of the competition.


You’re looking for greater success … so you’ll need to prepare to move up to the next level. Or you could just sit back and watch others pass you by? Do you want to look up at the winner on the medal podium or should they be looking up at you… I’m sure you know the answer. Using Sports Performance Hypnosis in Cheltenham could be your smart answer.

Professional Golf

“I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know what a difference you made. I passed my exams comfortably and was offered a job shortly afterwards. My coaching career is taking off very quickly and I’m playing well. I won a pro-am last week. I was in a horrible place when I saw you. Life is now good and I’m bringing a positive attitude to every pupil I see… It’s a good feeling. You helped me see life differently and for that I thank you.”
‘L’ . Gloucestershire


“The ‘sports related’ session was fantastic, giving me some very practical “tools” to use, as well as food for thought and subtle changes that only really became apparent later on.  Since the session I have found myself more able to cope in tricky situations …. I am definitely more aware of what I can do, as opposed to thinking I can’t do that! 

It has also had wider use than just the reason I came in.  I have applied the techniques suggested in several different situations to similar effect. Like I said when we met, I will definitely be recommending you to many, many people.  My friends have already noticed the difference, and I am sure I will be back in the future. Thank you so much, it was fantastic to meet you, and I really look forward to future sessions when I am back in the UK!”
Jenny – ‘Gloucester’

Marathon Success

“David, Yesterday was an incredible day at the London Marathon 2014,  the crowds and live music and atmosphere was amazing! The first half went pretty quickly as I was taking in everything around me and my pace was consistent. The second half was tough and I was sick 3 times. However although physically I could not keep up the pace, at no point did I ever give up or despair, I kept pushing on and
your session was incredibly helpful, I really managed to focus … thank you so much for all your help.
I was so chuffed to get to over that finish line!
Jenny, Nairobi, Kenya”

International Motor Biking

“David has been working with my 11 year old son for well over a year now as he races motorbikes internationally and we feel it’s important to keep on top of his mental well being and well as his physical training. He has had such a positive and essential part of my son’s career to date, that I also went to see David for my fear of flying. I cannot emphasise enough the difference this has made to my life as someone who has to fly regularly and my flying experience. I am no longer scared and actually can reassure other passengers! Thank you David we are so grateful to have your support in our lives!”

I.W. Evesham


Be smart and use sports performance hypnosis to get ahead of the competition – work with your success in mind.

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