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Relationship help

Clear Mind sessions utilise Cognitive Hypnotherapy and adopt a concentrated and direct approach to overcome relationship issues. They are suitable for people either in a challenging relationship or coming to terms with the closure of a relationship.

They are forward thinking, bespoke sessions geared to the needs of the individual client. No two sessions are ever the same. It very much depends on what the client wants to get out of it. Sometimes people have specific relationship issues or events that they want to be free from. Whilst others want to give themselves more direction in life. They feel stuck. Many clients report afterwards that they feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from them. They feel mentally and emotionally inspired having resolved their relationship issue.

Clear Mind sessions can between 2 and 4 hours. As a guide, based on previous experience, most clients opt to take between two and three hours. This is a concentrated, ‘full on’ approach for anyone. They are ideally suited for people who lead busy lives and just need to ‘get on with things’. They prefer to get things ‘sorted’ quickly in a more decisive fashion.

Moving on

This is a refreshing approach that the clients relate to quickly – avoiding a long series of sessions…

For some clients it is more appropriate to stop after two hours to allow the conscious mind and unconscious mind time to process their change. Some clients feel that most of their change work actually takes place between sessions. Should you feel it is better for you to stop and continue the session on another day we will do just that.  You are the most important part in this process. Thus, we fit the sessions around you and not you around the sessions…


Looking forward

If what you’ve just read about Clear Mind sessions for relationship help using hypnosis and NLP intrigues you please do give me a call to discover more. It could just be the change your looking for. Or you could just stick with the same old routine, going round the same old loops … getting the same old outcomes.


Or you may choose to take a slower, less intensive approach. Discover more now at …

Focused assistance with relationship issues using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP


It’s your choice … think … something has to change.

This is your chance to change. Take it!

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