Relationship help

Relationship help

Relationship help in Cheltenham is now available for you. NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy form the base of this modern approach. It is both refreshing and solution focused. My clients prefer to follow a different path compared to traditional counselling methods. Your solutions can be found quickly. Clients are pleasantly surprised to discover it doesn’t have to take a long time…

You’re looking for relationship help and you need to discover your solutions. So let’s discover them in way that makes sense to you.

Being in, going into or separating from a relationship can, for many, evoke some very challenging thoughts and emotions. Past experiences can and does influence in a plethora of ways how we choose to see the world around us. The conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns we set up around ourselves don’t just occur by chance. They happen for a reason. The positive and negative versions of reality that we chose to create and acknowledge (or not) influence our behaviour in many interesting ways.

Some people find themselves exhibiting very destructive patterns of behaviour. They repeat them time and time again within their relationships but can’t understand why they do it. They end up hurting the very people they are so close to. Others continually find themselves with the ‘wrong’ people – but why is this so?

We hear the phrase ‘time’s a great healer…’ yes for some, maybe. For many it’s not, especially when you‘re going round and round the same old loops experiencing the same venomous mix of destructive emotions.

Relationship help – moving forward

Many clients tell me that, in their opinion, traditional counselling routes have proved to be long-winded and disappointing. For them this approach doesn’t hold the answers they are looking for and that they want to explore a different route and seek relationship help. Clients often comment that they wish they had discovered their solutions earlier through my methodology … and in a fraction of the time already spent.

If  you’re fed up of ‘just talking’ about your situation and you want to ‘get on with things …’  but don’t know how to, then my approach could offer a refreshing change for you and far quicker than you might imagine. I provide a personalised and confidential approach that is delivered in a professional, discrete setting at a time to suit your needs. I’m not here to judge in any way – I’m here to help you move forward n a way that makes sense to you.


Relationship help – client experiences


“I had been through a break up and for a while afterwards was struggling with my thoughts and feelings. I visited a friend and once I had explained to them how I was feeling and they recommended David. So I booked myself in to see David as soon as I could. When I woke up, the day after my first session I felt better than I had been for weeks previously and I was starting to think more positively. I had a couple more sessions with David after each of which I felt more positive and happy…
I can honestly say that without David’s help I would have found it much harder to get through that difficult period in my life. Thanks David.”
Paul. Swindon.

‘A friend recommended I visit David Crees at Ethical Minds following the breakdown of my relationship.  My confidence was shattered and I was a ball of self-doubt.  David helped me to understand not all was lost. He showed me how to rationalise my thoughts and feelings. David made me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured. I always felt like I walked out of David’s room feeling inches taller than when I walked in…’

Anna, The Cotswolds.

“David, I wanted to write this firstly to say a HUGE thank you for helping me through a very difficult time and secondly so that others are aware of what a fantastic and extremely important job you do. I was recommended to you by a very close friend of mine at a time when I needed it the most and I have to say it was the best recommendation I have ever had.

The treatment I have received has done me the world of good and I feel like and am a completely different person to the one that first came in to see you a couple of months ago. Had I taken a different route, perhaps medically for my situation, I honestly do not believe I would feel like the happy, strong person that is confident that the choices they have made are the right ones.

You have given the me the tools, advice and help to get to where I am in a very short space of time, Something of a miracle and I feel the words thank you are not enough for what you have helped me achieve but thank you anyway. I will continue to spread the word to everyone I know and am extremely grateful for everything you have done for me. I have come away from this a very strong positive person who is fascinated by hypnotherapy and neuro-lingiustic programming and can see how it can help in so many different situations. Thank you again and I wish you all the best for the future.”
Leah W. Hereford.

“Sometimes life throws something at you that is difficult for you to cope with. Something unexpected or outside of your experience that shakes you to your core. Something that throws you into a state of confusion, when you may be in danger of making a wrong decision. I can thoroughly recommend David Crees in such a situation. He has special techniques at his disposal that can help you to see through the fog of confusion very clearly.”
Paul, Tewkesbury. 


Relationship help using my refreshing approach is your chance to change and move forward. Take it!

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