Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress

In our everyday lives, any of us can experience post traumatic stress that is shocking and overwhelming. It could be as a result of a serious car crash, violent personal assault i.e. mugging, sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse or physical attack. Witnessing direct or indirect military combat, being diagnosed with a life threatening illness or being taken hostage are some of the many instances where post traumatic stress can originate from.

The military, fire fighters, police or ambulance workers are more likely to witness such events. However, it can happen to any of us. Given time, most people recover without any long term issues and do not need extra help. For some this is not the case. Symptoms of post traumatic stress can develop from days, weeks to months, even years, after the event and the effects can be very debilitating.

Symptoms of post traumatic stress include recurrent memories or flashbacks of the trauma, nightmares, insomnia and/or lack of interest in family, friends or hobbies. Depression is not uncommon. They may also suffer from survivor guilt, have overwhelming emotions and can be irritable or nervous.

Using Cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and Eye Movement Integration (for some), can assist in terminating symptoms. The latter intervention technique was formulated and refined by US psychologists who worked with Vietnam veterans. The interventions are predictable and safe for the recipient.

I offer a bespoke approach to my clients. The pace of change is always dictated by an individual client. Due to the often unique set of circumstances that surround these event or events, there is never a set route to acquiring change. However, by subtly blending the techniques a positive outcome can be achieved.

Client experiences

“David my utmost thanks to you for everything in helping me overcome my post traumatic stress, anxiety and ongoing battle with insomnia. I I thought there was no way out from me over the many years of alternative therapies. You seemingly effortlessly opened a door for me to walk through. I am forever grateful to you for this. For 12 years of battling through a nightmare to now living the dream is the only way I can describe my experience of your help.

All in such a small space in time astounds me too. The life I am heading towards now is priceless and so is your work. One word of Latin describes your work for me, ‘credibilis’ “worthy of belief”. Thank you so very much.”
Rob, Cardiff

My innovative approach

I have a wide experience of treating a range of post traumatic stress issues. Clients often have a medical, police and military service background.

Whatever your background is, you can be assured that your individual needs will be explored in a sensitive, measured and constructive manner. As you would expect – all sessions are held in strictest confidence.

So when you’re ready, do get in touch – I’m here to listen and assist you.

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