Phobias and Fears

Phobias and fears can be overcome by using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP. It’s a modern, cutting edge approach. It could hold the smart answers you’re searching for and help is now at hand for you.

It has been estimated that up to 70% of us are mildly phobic and will be affected by phobias and fears in our lives. The strange thing is that we often think that we’re the only one in the world with this specific problem.

Clients often begin the consultation with the words “.. I know you’re going to think this is rather silly…” and then comes  “… but I’m really afraid of…”

There are two points of order here…

a) You rarely are, the only one with this specific phobia or fear and you might be surprised how common your specific phobia and fear actually is until you learn more about how to overcome it.

b) Nothing at all is ‘silly’. If it’s affecting you, fine for now – but let’s work out  how, why and when it first occurred, and more importantly, formulate a bespoke solution to terminate it once and for all and improve your quality of life

By choosing to work with  an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Performance coach, this is the time where you take charge both consciously and unconsciously. You might be surprised how quickly you banish your fears and phobias quickly, easily and for good.

Client experiences overcoming Phobias and fears


After suffering from a phobia of worms since I was a child I was very sceptical about whether it could be resolved. I was even very nervous of any treatment for the phobia as I felt it would involve scare tactics. David at Ethical Minds provided a calm and controlled environment for me to finally tackle my phobia at my own pace. After tailoring techniques to suit my style of thinking my goal was achieved in only two sessions! Incredible! ( … and have pictures to prove it…)  Once again thank you for all your help.”
Harriet, Cheltenham.

“I saw David at the beginning of the summer. I was dreading my family holiday due to my irrational phobia of sharks (Selachophobia). 
Since I’ve seen David I really feel, and my family and friends have noticed too, that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. I managed to go on a small boat and even jump off the rocks into the sea! (which I wouldn’t have gone near before). I no longer have recurring nightmares and feel I can manage my phobia. I wouldn’t say I’m not scared anymore, I never expected that, but what is important to me is that now I’M in control…”
Cicely (16yrs) Cheltenham. 

“ A huge ‘Thank you’ for all your support. Your encouragement and kindness helped me overcome my phobia of driving alone. To anyone who may be sceptical or uncertain about the benefits of hypnotherapy I would encourage them to try it. You have helped me see obstacles in a completely different light and shown me simple but effective techniques which I will use over and over again in the future. I feel quite literally, a different woman. Love and Thanks”

Janet ,  Prestbury.


“My fear of spiders had tormented me my whole life, so I went to see David Crees at Ethical Minds to try to overcome this fear. He helped me to regain control, and by the end of the session I felt so much more confident and able to deal with spider situations; particularly as I’m about to move to university by myself. I didn’t expect to achieve so much, so quickly, and I’m really grateful to David for all the help he has given me”
Sophie G. Gloucester.

“Best experience at the dentist in the last 10 years! Thank you for the techniques. They worked brilliantly!”
R,  Cheltenham..

“After a week of struggling to self inject (for medical reasons) at home I decided to contact David for help. I am so glad that I did, his help was invaluable to me. His help gave me the confidence I needed. It enabled me to complete the remainder of my 28 days of injections, without further problems!”
Sarah, Cheltenham

“Thank you does not seem enough as to how you have helped me overcome my terror of driving. I used to feel physically sick and go hot and cold trembly. I convinced myself that I would either have an accident or worse cause someone else to have one. Your techniques have helped me feel calm and rational, knowing that confidence is continuing to build not only for driving but also in other areas. I would recommend your hypnotherapy can help. I will be coming back to see you for something else that I wish to work on.”
Alison, Cheltenham


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