Personal Performance Coaching in Cheltenham

Personal performance coaching in Cheltenham is available for individuals who are looking to get ahead of the competition for a variety of reasons. I deliver focused, high impact sessions for both adults and teenagers.

Your coaching sessions are provided in a private and confidential one to one setting.

Sessions can include:

  • Advanced communication skills
  • Pro-Activity and Inner Strength
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Creative thinking in the business world
  • Innovative stress management

Time to move forward

As a professional and widely experienced training provider I am very aware of the diverse needs of modern business operations. I  offer bespoke training sessions to meet you and your company’s needs. Your requirements are always treated with the greatest respect and are held in the strictest confidence.

Personal performance coaching in Cheltenham with the guide of a NLP Master Practitioner could be the difference that makes the difference to get you and your colleagues ahead of the competition. Let’s be realistic here, those who ‘stand still’ in business get left behind. Often by the time they’ve realised this, it’s so much harder to claw their performance back to those of their colleagues and or competitors. This is your time to move up a gear and reap the rewards you deserve.

I am passionate about what I do and only offer the highest of standards.

Client comments

“When you’re running a business it is essential that you make effective use of your time and utilise your own skill sets to key effect. These are tough times and it is crucial to get ahead of the competition. Marking time is not an option. Before my sessions with David I ‘thought’ I knew what was important with respect to my business and work/ life balance.

Following the sessions I now know clearly what is ‘actually’ important. There is a difference. I’m now operating in a more refined, targeted way that will bring me the results I require and deserve. I now drive and review the schedule. It is built in a way that I am comfortable with and that’s a great relief. Many thanks to David for helping me clear my thoughts and re-balance my focus.”
Andrew, Tewkesbury.

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Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your requirements to enhance you and your employees’ potential.

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