Managing Stress effectively in Cheltenham

Managing stress effectively in Cheltenham for many clients is not a luxury but a necessity. Modern life can be very stressful. Whether you’re working in a pressurised environment, running your own business or a busy parent (or all three!). It’s important for your own health’s sake,  to learn to manage the stress from your life – you owe it to yourself …

The comment of a busy worker of  ‘I haven’t got time to go on a Time Management course’ maybe seen by some as amusing. However, it’s no laughing matter when the pressure is constantly on.

At work, being short staffed, faced with unrealistic deadlines adds to your stress levels. Thoughts of dealing with unhelpful, obnoxious people all contribute to this venomous mix.  For those who ‘work hard / play hard’ and ‘thrive on pressure’ do so for only so long. Until nature applies its own form of payback …

Stress and Social Media

Managing stress due to the constant pressure associated with mobile phones, laptops and social media, can for some, cause unwanted and misguided attention. Some put on a brave face to others. Pretending every things fine whilst you’re not coping is not the best strategy for building a happy life.

Help is here

However, the very fact your reading this page is a good indication to me that you or someone close to you has recognised what’s happening around you. You’re now looking for ways of managing stress effectively.

Good – that solution could be very much closer than you think.

Managing stress effectively using a combination of NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques can be your green light as you personally feel the effects of your progress. You will learn how to process, organise and evaluate your daily thoughts more efficiently. Consequently, you’ll be working smarter – not just harder. You’ll learn how to switch off easily and regain a sensible balance of what is important to you.

Whether it’s at home or in the office, you’ll become proficient with your relaxation techniques. It may not be until after your working day ends, looking back you realise how quickly the time has flown, been productive and you’re stress free…

This is your chance to change – take it!
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Client experiences

“It’s been over a year since I enlisted your services for help with relieving my stress and anxiety levels.  I write to inform you of my continued progress. I can honestly say that the effect of our working together has improved my quality of life no end. I have found my bespoke CD very helpful and use it on a regular basis to relax even more. I was put at ease on my very first consultation. This set the atmosphere for a series of positive sessions. Without hesitation, I will continue to recommend your services and professionalism. Many thanks for all your help and support.”
Gavin Dulake, Cheltenham.

“David has helped me reduce the stress levels in my life. I now work to live not the other way round. It’s like gaining extra time in the day.”
Doug B. Bishops Cleeve.

Bespoke Relaxation CD

“David is not only a brilliant hypnotherapist but also a really lovely person. I was lucky enough to be able to use his relaxation CD which I found incredibly calming. It helps to switch off at the end of the day. I have used it many times and will continue to do so. I would recommend him to anyone looking at de-stressing or any other form of help. I’d like to thank him for his help and would definitely use him again!”
Samantha K  Cheltenham.

“I was a little sceptical at first about what David and hypnotherapy could actually do to help me. He helped me to relax right from the offset. This was the start of a transition for me. I went from a very tense and stressed person to a more relaxed state. He has given me a new perspective on my life and what’s important to me. Thanks David. To all those who are at all sceptical about it then just speak to David. “
Steve Davis, Cotswold Computer Medic Ltd.



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