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Time for change

Interview nerves? Dreading that forthcoming test or exam?

Some people look forward to exams and tests and see it as an opportunity to excel in front of everybody. For others the very thought of the word ‘driving test’ , ‘examination’ , ‘interview’  or ‘assessment centre’ sends shivers up and down their spines and I know this from first hand experience as I used to be one of them. If only I new then what I know now – life would have been much more straight forward!

You now have a choice. You can sit there and do nothing and go around the same old thought patterns and continue to feel uncomfortable. Or, you could choose to make the smart move, be pro-active and give me a call now to enquire about innovative ways to do something positive and practical to address the situation. Your solutions can be delivered in a way that meet your personal needs and makes sense to you and far quicker than you might imagine…

Using my innovative approach that combines Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help clients to relax before the event and then whilst participating in the event be in the right frame of mind for them to achieve their best results. My clients find they can retain and recall facts more easily and they exude confidence. Isn’t it time you were one of them?

Client experiences

“Just wanted to say thanks to David for the help and advice you gave me recently in preparation for my important interview.The techniques I learned worked really well to calm me down before and during the interview process. I felt I was in control and that I could relax and perform to the best my ability. It’s now been confirmed that I have a place on the course and I’m really happy…! If you’re going for an interview and are feeling nervous, give David a call – he’s there to help …”
Jasmin, Herefordshire.

“Before visiting David I had an interview to study at a top university. I came away feeling extremely frustrated that nerves had stopped me from performing at my best. I expected my application and hence to be turned down however I was called back for a second interview. I  felt concerned that the same would happen again. I had just one session with David in which he built up my confidence to a level where I felt optimistic about the interview. I got through the interview feeling much more positive and ended up receiving an offer the following week. Thank you David for your help.”
‘Stu’, Cheltenham.

“Thank you so much David for helping me pass my driving test, I am thrilled with the result. I now know that with confidence and belief in myself I can achieve anything, and that’s down to your advice. I will go on to use the skills you have taught me in order to achieve anything else I wish. Thank you again!”
Laura F. Gloucestershire.

‘After completely failing and falling apart in my first military interview through lack of confidence and being nervous I gave David a call. After only a few sessions I had the techniques and confidence to succeed on my second attempt. I passed the interview and even the interviewer commented on how much I had changed. The techniques, knowledge and advice from David didn’t just help in the interview but improved my confidence and me as a person in all aspects of life. Highly recommended and I can’t thank him enough.’
Gary, Gloucester


Make the smart move and contact me now in confidence in preparation for your forthcoming interview, driving test or examination.

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