Hypnotherapy for IBS

Cognitive hypnotherapy for IBS in Cheltenham may offer the solution you’re looking for?

IBS treatment using Cognitive Hypnotherapy is now available in Cheltenham and could provide you with some interesting results. Hypnosis is one of the most scientifically researched of all complimentary therapies. Research has shown that hypnosis can provide great relief for suffers of this ‘elusive’ condition. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is now a recommended treatment route by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Health statistics indicate that nearly one in five of us will be suffering from IBS at any given time. The effects can be, quite literally, life changing. IBS accounts for almost half of all gastrointestinal complaints at GP surgeries with 40% of referrals to gastrointestinal specialists. IBS is therefore not an uncommon problem in our population. That said, it is acknowledged by the medical profession that IBS can provide somewhat of a challenge to treat effectively with drugs alone.

The symptoms of IBS are also similar to more complicated diseases such as diverticulitis, colitis, ulcers, cancers and gall stones however they can be diagnosed efficiently and through targeted testing these can be ruled out. So it is important in the first instance to contact your GP to get medical advice.

The frenetic pace of modern living often provides the basis for this bowel disorder. Often standard tests do not reveal any truly conclusive medical  insights. However, listen to any person with this disorder and very soon it will become very clear that they have a real problem. It really affects their daily life and those around them. For some, they suffer in silence, whilst others will play down its negative effects in the hope that, one day, it will all go away.

Cognitive hypnotherapy for IBS in Cheltenham is a safe, natural and reassuring way to manage this disorder, providing many individuals with confidence to move forward and get on with their lives. Clients feel more confident. They report that other aspects of their lives seem to fall into place. That missing piece in the jigsaw has just been found and slotted into place…

Client achievements

“David was such a great help to me! I really suffered with anxiety and stress which in turn caused me to suffer with the dreaded IBS. After just one session I started to see a way out and used the techniques we practiced.

As a few weeks passed, I started to notice a huge difference not only physically but mentally. I had left my job because my IBS had become so bad. I was determined to get back on the job ladder. David and I went through interview techniques and questions which were so beneficial and YES I got the job. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you David. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Olivia, Swindon

‘My parents were the ones who got in contact with David initially as they noticed I wasn’t being myself for the last few months. I really needed to speak to someone about my depression/anxiety and my IBS. David got in contact and we arranged the sessions. The first session was a revelation – it was great to speak to someone about my issues. All the things David said to me actually happened, from positive experiences to giving me the tools and techniques to handle various situations. He helped me make positive decisions that have changed my life and I now feel like I can go and enjoy anything I decide to do. Thanks for everything.’

Jamie, Cheltenham.


“I came to David’s practice in Cheltenham in order to try and reduce the symptoms of IBS I had been suffering for nearly two years. Having read some online articles recommending him I decided to give it a go especially after not benefiting from various different medications that I’d tried. After three sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I have noticed a massive change and the symptoms which were impacting on daily life multiple times a day are reduced to infrequent occasions.

I can not recommend David enough to anyone who has IBS or anxiety related issues. He is very quick to learn about what works best for you and I was shocked at the improvements I made in a short period of time. He is also very quick to make you feel at ease and I’m really happy I made the decision to try it out – speaking as someone that would have been sceptical about his method of treatment previously but after a lack of results from medication I became more open and would now use this for other situations in the future…”

Nev, Bristol


So, if you’re looking for an alternative approach that works – then you’ve just discovered it.

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