Your Personal Hypnosis Recording

Your personal hypnosis recording can be researched, recorded and produced for you. Maybe you live too far away from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for a face to face session but would still benefit from the bespoke sound messages from your hypnosis recording?

I believe that the optimum time for your personal hypnosis recording is approximately 20 – 25 minutes, and this is what I will produce specifically for you.  However, the length of each recording can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements.

Naturally, your personal hypnosis recording will take time. The very concept of ‘bespoke’ means that it won’t be with you immediately, however, I will get it to you within 8 working days following the placement of your order.

There is approximately 2-3 hours work involved for me with each individual recording.

Your personal hypnosis recording is available as a CD or can easily be downloaded as an Mp3 file.

You could choose to buy one of the many generic recordings available from other sources for £10 – £15. You’ll receive a generalised, bland, ineffective message that is ‘mass produced’ and aimed at a ‘mass audience’ and the chances are you’ll be disappointed.

In contrast, experience has shown me that clients achieve so much more when they listen to their personal hypnosis recording. Clients listen and relate to their own personalised messages which are specifically designed for and with their individual needs in mind. This is repeatedly supported by clients who have compared both routes.

Quite simply, you get what you pay for…

To produce a bespoke recording and deliver it to you my professional fee is £95 with payment being made at the time of booking by credit or debit card.

As you progress, you may wish to augment and update your learning’s. This can be easily achieved with a small fee for my time.

Please call me now to have an informal chat about your individual needs and how I can help you.


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