Control Insomnia

Control Insomnia with hypnotherapy

Using hypnosis to control insomnia could help you restore your natural sleep patterns. Now that you’ve found my approach means I may be able to offer assistance.

Insomnia affects approximately twenty percent of the adult population at any one time. A plethora of reasons abound that result in the onset of insomnia. Modern day life can be stressful even when things we value are going in the right direction for us. We are often expected to achieve high standards at work and at the end of the working day our ‘work’ thoughts and frustrations go home with us rather than remaining at the office.

Mobile phones left switched on and laptops taken home invade our very existence. Viewed by many as the curse of  modern working practice. When you get home you just can’t switch off. Nights without a decent sleep can be soul destroying which can lead to further complications. Sounds familiar..?

Hypnosis can help you to relax and unwind and clear your mind of the day’s trials and stresses. Once you re-educate your conscious and unconscious thoughts you can learn to regain your natural sleep patterns to reap the benefits of a deep and resourceful sleep.

Clients overcome insomnia


“I had been suffering from stress and sleepless nights for some months, I’d even had a stress related health issues. I went to see David in the hope he might help me. He didn’t hypnotise me on my first visit. David helped me to find the strategies and techniques that would work for me and help me manage my life better. He made me realise it was okay to take care of me instead of everyone else. After just a few sessions I felt back in control of my life – I still have my high pressure job but I can manage it rather than it managing me. I cannot thank David enough! “

Susan M.  Cheltenham. 

“I came to see you a couple of weeks ago with sleeping problems and I just wanted to let you know that my sleep is much improved. There has been the odd night where it’s not been so good but on the whole it’s much better. I know it’s still early days but I remain positive that this will continue.  I will continue to work with the method you introduced me to and even last night I woke up and thought I wouldn’t drop back off so I started the process and before I knew it my alarm was going off this morning for me to get up! 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might be looking for some help with this issue.”

Maria, Cheltenham



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