Control excess drinking and eating

Excess drinking and eating can quickly emerge as an unwanted behaviour pattern for a plethora of reasons. Some of us just seem to get into the habit of wanting more and more of our special indulgence everyday. It starts off as a treat. Before you know it, you need your glass of wine every night when you get home from work or you need your chocolate fix everyday. Trouble is, what was once a single drink has turned into a bottle…and the square of nice chocolate is now an industrial size ‘multi-buy’.

Do any of these sound vaguely familiar?

“…well, it’s silly to leave it half empty and they’re only small glasses”

” …I’ve had a hard day”

“… I deserve a treat.”

“…Just popping out to the shop.”

Time for change…

These ‘everyday’ behaviour patterns gradually creep in and soon establish themselves. Before long they can become a real issue and spiral out of control. However, moving from a ‘compulsion’ state to a state of ‘indifference’ can be implemented quickly, safely and easily. I’m not saying this will be easy – just possible, especially when you have the right tools for change.

You can learn to re-take control of your excessive eating and drinking patterns in a manner that makes sense to you and regaining the ability to choose again for many clients is what they have wanted for all too long.

You’ll know just how important that is for you and those around you. What will you change…?


Clients control excess drinking and eating

“I knew I needed help when my reaction to stress and dealing with family problems resulted in me taking just that one glass of wine to help, as I thought, calm my nerves. That one glass usually led to a binge and made my problems a whole lot worse. Not to mention the effect on my health, relationships and other areas in my life. David gave me the tools and the confidence to deal with life’s situations in a different and healthy way.

helped me identify my own strengths and the coping strategies that work for me and I have put these strategies in place in my life. They definitely work. I’m more confident and relaxed both in my normal day to day life and dealing with any problems life throws at me.

The hypnotherapy element to our sessions a very relaxing and positive experience.  
I will be going back to see David from time to time just as a reminder and reinforcement of what I need to do to take care of myself. I find the sessions and the hypnotherapy to be extremely relaxing…”
Rosemary, Cirencester


“Going to Ethical Minds has been a great help for me within my life. I went to see David to help with my excessive eating at weekends. After the first session I felt that David had really helped me. He made me so much calmer and also realise that it wasn’t actually binge eating that was the problem in my life. It was more about anxiety and that the priorities in my life were all wrong. By the end of my third and final session I felt back in control of my life and my priorities had all changed. I felt so much calmer and happier as a person.

The atmosphere at Ethical Minds also made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

I use a lot of the skills that David taught me in everyday situations and this has now helped me to become a much happier and stronger person. I can say David has helped me for the future and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a bit of help in their life.”
E.C.  Cirencester

“ Just a quick note to say thank you once more for helping me get my excessive eating habits under control, particularly with regard to chocolate. It is not now the be all and end all of everything and I can take it or leave it. I have lost weight and inches, take more exercise and generally feel much happier about myself. I would be happy to recommend your services.”

Moe, Cheltenham

“David, it’s been over 2 weeks since our session, and I thought I’d let you know how I was getting on. After 2 weeks now, I’ve not had a single biscuit, cake or chocolate …. simply amazing!  … Thank you so much for your excellent work. You are a true expert in your field. I’ve recommended you to friends and I am more than happy for you to add me to your ever-growing list of satisfied customers that endorse you and your excellent services”.

Peter, Gloucestershire.


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