Controlling Hypertension

Control Hypertension

Controlling hypertension is vital for a number of key medical reasons. Left uncontrolled, it can, and will  lead to a series of health complications.

Important note

Hypertension often has no obvious symptoms. Therefore regular blood pressure monitoring is advised. Controlling blood pressure is a serious matter and you should never stop taking your medication without prior consultation with your GP.

Why use hypnosis?

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years and for 16 of them being involved with the sales and marketing of several very well known blood pressure lowering drugs, it has always struck me that drug intervention is only part of a huge life style jigsaw.

We must make the right choices as to what we eat and drink. Keeping fitness up and weight and stress levels down seem sensible lifestyle options for controlling raised blood pressure. Furthermore if you’re a ‘borderline hypertensive’ do you really want to be on drugs for the rest of your life? Given the choice – probably not. Controlling blood pressure by natural means to acceptable levels must be the preferred route?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP techniques can help you keep your blood pressure down to desired levels. It can help you learn how to relax really deeply. Cognitive hypnotherapy may also highlight and alleviate any thoughts relating to underlying anxiety and stress that can cause your blood pressure levels to rise and remain at unwanted levels.

If you’re about to start drug therapy for ‘mild hypertension’ you may wish to try this alternative route first. Surely tablets must be the last route for you to follow so why not talk it through with your local GP and then, if appropriate, give me a call to discuss your case further and I may be able to assist you.


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