Build your confidence levels

Unlock your potential…

Build your confidence levels and unlock your true potential. The transition from a ‘can’t do’ mind-set to a ‘can do’ mind-set for clients is incredibly liberating! For many people being confident is central to their very existence. However, ‘having’ confidence or ‘being’ confident  means different things to different people…

The single event that went ‘horribly wrong’. The ‘look of disapproval’  from a work colleague. The thought of a forthcoming social situation can be all it needs to dent the personal confidence you once had…

Are you looking for a general confidence boost? Specific help in a specific situation? Either way, a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, positive psychology and NLP techniques could help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Drawing on these techniques, you can develop/regain your  confidence levels and all in a way that makes you feel great. Whether it’s you or someone else that notices the changes first it really won’t matter.

Your pace of change and growth will be dictated by you. It’s your session and you’re always in control. How quickly will your new found confidence grow and what will it bring you…?


Client experiences

“I just wanted to drop a line to thank David for all the help and kindness regarding my problem of social phobia. I can’t believe how much better I am and in such a short space of time. The strange thing is the recovery seems to be on-going. I’m feeling better and better all of the time. I can now do most things I felt unable to do in the past and my life has turned round. All very much for the better.  To any future clients who are unsure of this type of therapy please do not sit and suffer when there is someone like David out there to help you.”
Cathy V, Cheltenham.

Practical advice…

“I’m a great ‘reflector’. I like having techniques that I can use to help myself and one’s that I believe in and that can help me in practical ways. I have already experienced positive results by applying them. I found the sessions very relaxing and very helpful. I was given time to focus on me and my solutions. Thanks for your care, patience and attention to detail.”
Susan, Cheltenham.


“When I first came to you I thought it was going to take me several months to get back to normal. I thought that what I was going through was going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. After just the first session people had already started to comment on how much more relaxed I was becoming. A total of four sessions was all it took to get me back to my bubbly self and to show me a different way of understanding things and help me to move forward with my life.

The testing, analysing and goal setting was clearly a winning strategy for me! I have always felt 100% in control. It is clear for all to see that you are truly passionate about your work and that you create lasting bonds with your clients. Again, thank you so very much for helping me to get my life back on track and for teaching me a new way of thinking.”
Octavia, Gloucester.


Crisis of confidence


“Before meeting David Crees I was a miserable wreck and hoped that anti-depressants would help me deal with a pre-mid life crisis.  I was not in a good way at all. I was not working due to a nagging injury and had also broken up in a relationship.  I was moping around at home feeling sorry for myself and felt isolated. Enter David Crees : I can only describe David’s professionalism, knowledge and advice in his field as nothing short of exemplary.

Sometimes we think in such a way that triggers more negative thoughts and negative behaviors.  I realised that I could fix my problem by … planning ahead with structure and a change in thinking.  I am not even back in Sydney yet and I feel the benefits already with my confidence.  David really does care about his clients’ well being. I will be letting him know how I get on and recommend him most highly.”
T. Robinson, Cotswolds.

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