Could Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham help you?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham offers a fresh and exciting approach. It is modern and evidence based and geared for clients who are seeking change in themselves or change in those around them. Today, people are feeling more empowered towards managing their own personal health and well being. One only has to search for ‘therapists’ to see the overwhelming choices out there. That said, why do people choose to opt for Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham?

Casting a wide net

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with anything in which the conscious and unconscious mind has an influence.  It can be prove to be extremely successful in helping clients with anxiety and confidence issues, stop smoking, stress management, phobias, blushing to advancing professional business skills and even enhancing sports performance to higher levels. For some, it can also aid faster recovery times following a serious illness or traumatic event.

Medical Acknowledgement

“Hypnotherapy is supported by more scientific research than any other complementary therapy”. (The Which? Guide to Complementary Therapies, 2002). Hypnotism has been recognised  as being valid medium of therapy by the British Medical Association since 1955.

Rapid results

Great results can be achieved by using a very light state of trance, similar to day-dreaming, means that change can take place more quickly than simply through talking because the client is in  a heightened state of natural focus and this means that the benefits to the client are that the sessions are both effective and brief and they can return quite safely to their normal everyday activities following the consultation.

The therapeutic alliance

Rapport between therapist and client is essential. You should always work with a therapist in whose professional ability you trust. Modern, well-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists use gentle, non-authoritarian approaches, in a spirit of partnership and co-operation with you. Their aim is to help you find your own true solutions in the shortest possible time.

To update your mind

A Cognitive Hypnotherapist can be viewed as a ‘mind change mechanic’. If you are stuck with a habit, a behaviour, feelings or a condition that you cannot sort out yourself, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist can be your mind mechanic to help you on the right road again. For example, if ‘presenting’ is part of your new career  and the very thought of it is really unsettling you,  you can unlearn your unwanted behavioural responses and discover a more confident and empowering approach to presenting.

Bespoke approach

As  each client’s perceptions and experience are different, a trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist will give you ‘designer’ service, as opposed to off-the-peg. They will listen carefully to what is currently going on for you and what you’d like to change, then tailor the induction and hypnotic suggestions to your language pattern needs. This is why the route of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham  can produce excellent results in the minimum of time.

The Mind-Body Connection

The concept of the mind/ body connection is not a new phenomenon. In fact the belief in the importance of integrating the mind and body is hundreds of thousands of years old. The basic principle behind this way of thinking is this: The mind and body are not separate. One affects the other. Our mind holds tremendous power and our body holds tremendous wisdom and when the two merge, balance and health are the result – or ‘not’ as the case may be.

Our society does not think this way, however. Traditional western medicine deals solely with the physical body, treating the physical symptom of the body instead of getting to the root. But our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts have tremendous power over our physical state.  This placebo effect is a perfect display of the power the mind has in our healing. If we think a certain medicine will work it probably will. If we think a small sugar pill is really an aspirin, our pain will still probably go away, because we think the “aspirin” has gotten rid of it.


As patients we are often divided into pieces and not treated as a whole person. Change needs to happen on all levels. More and more people now believe that for recovery to happen there needs to be an integrated approach. A mix of relaxation, medical monitoring and therapy using cognitive hypnosis, CBT and NLP can provide smart answers.

Cognitive Hypnotherapists work from an understanding of the mind and of the mind-body connection. It is based on modern neuro-science. This enables them to work successfully with problems such as IBS, PTSD, stress and anxiety issues. Cognitive hypnotherapy proves to be a empowering catalyst for the mind-body connection.

High Standards

All NCH Cognitive Hypnotherapists have received a high standard of training. They work to a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Conduct, which the NCH actively implements.

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