Client achievements 2012

This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2012.  They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

“David,  I write to let you know about my continued progress. I came to see you earlier this year for help to stop smoking and it has been an absolute success!  Five months on and I’m still chuckling about my nemesis that helped me quit smoking. Thank you once again for all your help.

Jessica, Gloucester.


“I knew I needed help when my reaction to stress and dealing with family problems resulted in me taking just that one glass of wine to help, as I thought, calm my nerves. That one glass usually led to a binge and made my problems a whole lot worse. Not to mention the effect on my health, relationships and other areas in my life.  
David gave me the tools and the confidence to deal with life’s situations in a different and healthy way. He helped me identify my own strengths and the coping strategies that work for me.  I have put these strategies in place in my life and they definitely work. I feel so much more confident and relaxed both in my normal day to day life and dealing with any problems life throws at me. I also found the hypnotherapy element to our sessions a very relaxing and positive experience.  
I will be going back to see David from time to time just as a reminder and reinforcement of what I need to do to take care of myself but also because I find the sessions and the hypnotherapy to be extremely relaxing…”
Rosemary, Cirencester.
I came to David knowing that NLP can be very effective when I was in a very poor emotional state due to work related stress, and worked with him following a bespoke series of sessions.  David helped me identify what I really wanted rather than what I initially thought I wanted; he employed his unique blend of NLP and hypnotherapy and helped me cope on a day to day basis as well as moving towards my long term goals.  From the first session my colleagues and family noticed a marked difference in my mood and ability to cope with difficulties when they arose. Unlike some other practitioners David’s approach does not result in dependency, rather it has provided me with a greater feeling of independence and confidence in my own ability. Now, 5 months later, I have achieved every one of my 10 aspirations with relative ease and will be returning to David later in the year as I know he will help me achieve even greater levels of happiness and success.”
Polly, Cheltenham.

“I am dropping you a few lines to say a huge thank you. I am so grateful for what you have done for me. I came to you with self esteem problems and also a difficulty in achieving full satisfaction whilst making love with my partner. You were able to tap into how I visualise things and use that to tailor the sessions to enable me to get the maximum benefit from them. I found all of our sessions rewarding. You indicated to me that the sessions would only go on as long as was completely necessary, that was certainly the case.
I am still making progress and am very happy so far.”
‘K’ Gloucestershire.

“David, I write to update you on my flight to America. As you must have gathered, I got there and back in one piece! I had a great time and am so pleased I went. I managed well on the flight out, felt a bit jittery on take-off  but I was really in control. I could also hear your voice telling me to be confident and strong. By the time it came to the return flight, I wasn’t really thinking about it at all … I just wanted to get home and the plane was just the means of getting there. So David, a massive thank you to you for all your help and support and you will pleased to know I am now planning to go and visit my brother in New Zealand at some stage which was something I couldn’t even contemplate before. The world is now my oyster!”

Rosalind, Cheltenham.

“David,  Just a note to say thanks for the help and encouragement you gave me over our four sessions. I have always found public speaking difficult and our sessions helped me recognize and deal with my anxiety. Your approach was pragmatic and considered. I am no longer spending my professional life avoiding public speaking.Thank you.” 

Harriet, Cheltenham.

“From the age of 14 I suffered with Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). In my later teens I began to realize that it had become a real problem, rather than just ‘hair twiddling’, and approached my doctor for advice. As it is quite a rare condition and isn’t widely recognized, she suspected it was stress / anxiety related and recommended counselling. I pursued this for a few months, to little avail, so the problem persisted for several more years to come. I had heard that hypnotherapy was an effective method for resolving this type of habit and, at 24, I realized I didn’t want to take it any further into my adult life. I discovered David’s website and decided to contact him at his Hypnotherapy practice in Cheltenham.
I have had just 2 sessions with David. Even after the first I was amazed to discover that, after 10 years, I wasn’t pulling my hair any more. At all. Not only that but if my hands (now very rarely) go to do so, I am completely able to stop it. A real breakthrough. David has enabled me to fix the problem, and to feel more confident and positive about the future. I can’t thank him enough!”
Sofia, Gloucester

“I’m so pleased to say that I have completely stopped biting my nails – so a huge success. Neither I or my family can quite believe it! A huge thank you to you. I’m currently very close to finishing my course at University and all work is going well.

Rosie B. Windermere, Cumbria.”

“David, It’s nearly two and half years ago since I came to see you for help to give up smoking. I’m pleased to tell you that after all this time I still haven’t had a cigarette, in fact I don’t even think about them any more, it’s almost as if I never smoked in the first place – great!!”

Jo , Cheltenham.”

“I was feeling quite low before going to see David. I was focusing on all the negative aspects to life and having trouble identifying the positives. I also was suffering from very low self worth. David created a warm and safe environment where I was able to be open and honest about my feelings. The combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques he uses and teaches can be used outside of his office and daily to continue to affirm positive thinking. I would highly recommend David and his practice to anyone that feels they need a boost or have hit one of the many bumps life throws at us.”
Stella R. Oxford.

“Before I came to see David Crees at Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham I was terrified at the thought of public speaking and would do everything to avoid it. Even from the first session I could feel my confidence start to grow and I had set my sights on the final goal. I found the sessions very relaxed but very professional and at the same time was also made aware that David was only a phone call away. Each session felt like a big step further forward. I now feel more confident in many more aspects in my life i.e. not just public speaking. I would never have thought I could have done it before going to see David. 
Thank you very much for everything.”
Guy, Gloucester

“It’s as if a weight has definitely been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve learnt how to look at things differently and now choose to use a positive perspective. I now have a rejuvenated confidence level within myself and in life in general. The anchor that was holding me back has been cut away…”
Glen, Cheltenham

“Before visiting David I had an interview to study at a top university. I came away feeling extremely frustrated that nerves had stopped me from performing at my best and expected my application to be turned down. Instead I was called back for a second interview, but I felt concerned that the same would happen again. I had just one session with David, in which he built up my confidence to a level where I felt optimistic about the interview. I got through the interview feeling much more positive and ended up receiving an offer the following week. Thank you David for your help.”
‘Stu’, Cheltenham.

“I know my sessions with you at Ethical Minds helped me with a number of things. You made me realise I wasn’t switching off from work when I got home and I didn’t realize or want to accept that before. Since the last session I have been able to consciously switch off and be there for my family. I don’t go off the handle for silly things because I’m more aware now about my priorities. I’m also aware of what I have achieved, and being proud of that. I think I could work on my confidence, in order to progress further in my career. It’s a very male dominant work place so not sure I can do anything about alpha males and their egos!  Although since the session I do see myself as being experienced and of value in the office and have voiced this recently when some of my male work colleagues started ruffling their feathers.

All in all, I am happier, I am a nicer person to people at work and especially at home and I’m nicer to me! Thank you for your help.”
Julie, Cirencester.

“Before visiting David I had suffered from some stress and a build up of anger over the last couple of years, I found that with the pressures of work and driving being a big part of my job that the smallest of thing would wind me up which started to affect my life.
I had thought about therapy for some time but didn’t see group therapy for me, after talking with my wife she found Ethical Minds. I called David and I instantly found David extremely easy to talk to about my situation, he showed great understanding and made me feel at ease with the process of therapy.  After my first session with David I felt that the session was tailored to me and not just a scripted session, this was confirmed with subsequent sessions. Through out my time with David I always felt comfortable to talk about my feelings and with the ideas he suggested. After using the techniques that David has taught me I now feel much more positive and able to deal with the stress’s of life along with today’s driving conditions, my home and work life have improved a lot and continue to do so the more I practice.
I cannot thank David enough for all his help, he has helped me turn my life around and I would not hesitate to contact him in the future if I felt the need to or recommend his services to others…”
Ian, Tetbury.