Client achievements 2011

This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2011.  They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

“A Parent’s View :  How do you help a 14 year old boy who has become insular, lacks confidence and finds school life stressful? Like a lot of parents I would do anything to help my son, the problem being I didn’t really know how to reach him and unlock the potential I could see. Anything I did, only seemed to irritate the situation further.
This being a key stage in my son’s development as an individual and I recognised we needed a little help to move forward.  After reading about David Crees and his approach on the Ethical Minds website, my son and I decided to book an appointment. I didn’t want my son to change I just wanted him to have the confidence to be the person I knew he could be. Since our visits the change in his attitude has been remarkable, he went from the boy who wouldn’t contribute in class to achieving an ‘A’ grade in public speaking … and that’s after just 3 sessions. We can’t thank David enough and I am living with a more content teenager…”
Dawn, Gloucestershire.

“Going to Ethical Minds has been a great help for me within my life. I originally went to see David to help with my binge eating at weekends. After the first session I felt that David had really helped me – he made me so much calmer and also realise that it wasn’t actually binge eating that was the problem in my life, it was more about anxiety and that the priorities in my life were all wrong. By the end of my third and final session I felt back in control of my life and my priorities had all changed. I felt so much calmer and happier as a person.
The atmosphere at Ethical Minds also made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I use a lot of the skills that David taught me in everyday situations and this has now helped me to become a much happier and stronger person. I can say David has helped me for the future and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a bit of help in their life.”
E.C.  Cirencester

“I had been through a break up and for a while afterwards was struggling with my thoughts and feelings. I visited a friend and once I had explained to them how I was feeling they recommended David. I needed to take action so I booked myself in to see David as soon as I could. When I woke up, the day after my first session I felt better than I had been for weeks previously and I was starting to think more positively. I had a couple more sessions with David after each of which I felt more positive and happy…
I can honestly say that without David’s help I would have found it much harder to get through that difficult period in my life. Thanks David.”
Paul. Swindon.

“I saw David at the beginning of the summer. I was dreading my family holiday due to my irrational phobia of sharks (Selachophobia). Since I’ve seen David I really feel, and my family and friends have noticed too, that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. I managed to go on a small boat and even jump off the rocks into the sea! (which I wouldn’t have gone near before). I no longer have recurring nightmares and feel I can manage my phobia. I wouldn’t say I’m not scared anymore, I never expected that, but what is important to me is that now I’M in control…”
Cicely (16yrs) Cheltenham.

“David, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your ‘priceless’ help which led me to overcome my motorway driving phobia. There is no stopping me now. I am now driving all over the UK and business is expanding. Thank you for all the life-changing help. It has made such a real difference…”
Jeanette, Gloucester.

“Now that I’m positive – good things happen. I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m more confident and feel that I can achieve so much more…”
Georgina. Cheltenham

“I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know what a difference you made. I passed my exams comfortably and was offered a job shortly afterwards. My coaching career is taking off very quickly and I’m playing well. I won a pro-am last week. I was in a horrible place when I saw you. Life is now good and I’m bringing a positive attitude to every pupil I see… It’s a good feeling. You helped me see life differently and for that I thank you.”

‘L’ . Gloucestershire

“I contacted David within the run up to my wedding, there was about a month to go to the ‘Big Day’ and I was getting increasingly uneasy about the prospect of delivering my groom’s speech to a large group of people. Public speaking had always bothered me and was something I actively avoided since school days, going cold at the very prospect. However, I was determined that this feeling would not spoil the most important day of my life or the build up to it, and so I took the decision to take some positive action and so took the step to contact Ethical Minds.

After the first very session and following some of David’s advice and ‘seemingly simple’ exercises, the feeling of unease all but disappeared and we were left to maintain this and build on other practical skills during a few subsequent sessions.

David is an extremely trustworthy and affable individual and brings an unprecedented ease to the proceedings. Through his great knowledge and experience he is able to tailor the remedial course completely around the individual, thus providing a significant advantage over alternative, ‘one size fits all’ approaches offered by some other practitioners.

So effective was David’s advice and treatment that when the Big Day came I was able to fully enjoy what was the happiest day of my life, delivering the speech in a relaxed and confident manner which still draws many extremely complimentary comments even now, some weeks later, with several saying it was genuinely one of the best they had seen and heard. Without David’s help I know that I would have been unable to unlock this potential and I cannot recommend his service highly enough to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”
Neil, Cheltenham

“Thank you very much for helping my family and me, and putting everything back to place in my life. It has all become much more controlled and easier. The techniques you have shown me have been working well. I honestly, really appreciate what you have done for all of us. I would recommend you to any children like me, who start off confused, but now I am feeling fine and I’m sure I understand…. you are the most helpful person I know.”
Lizzy, (12yrs.). The Cotswolds.

“I felt more positive immediately and the constant negative thoughts I once had just washed away. Within a few days I started my fitness goals that I had originally procrastinated on for 6 months this in turn increased my body confidence. I even entered my first 10k run. Thank you so much for helping me to feel better, fitter and thinner!”
Ameena, Cheltenham.

“David was extremely helpful in making me re-think the way I was looking at myself and the world around me. He helped me to reduce my anxiety in social situations. You could tell he genuinely wanted to help. The techniques he taught me have made such a huge difference in my life and I can use them whenever I need to. I would highly recommend David.”
Chris, Cheltenham.

“A very positive experience which helped me achieve my goals. I know the sessions got me geared up to feel good and confident in myself and I progressed quicker than I thought I would. Thanks.”
Mark, Cheltenham.

“I used the techniques that David and I discussed during my sessions and they definitely made a real mental and physical difference. I now feel that I can tackle challenging situations with confidence and far better than before. The work we did together has put a lot of things into perspective for me. I now have more structure in my life and  take pride in what I have achieved. Definitely time and resources well spent … 100% positive.”
John, Nailsworth.

‘A friend recommended I visit David Crees at Ethical Minds following the breakdown of my relationship.  At a time when my confidence was shattered and I was a ball of self-doubt, David helped me to understand not all was lost and showed me how to rationalise my thoughts and feelings. David made me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured. I always feel like I walk out of David’s room feeling inches taller than when I walked in…’
Anna, The Cotswolds.

“I have been applying for teaching courses since I left University five years ago. Although I made it through to the interview stage a few times, unfortunately my nerves got the better of me and I never progressed any further. Due to the nature of the application process, it meant that each unsuccessful attempt saw another year pass by and although I didn’t want to give up on my dream of becoming a teacher, I couldn’t keep putting my life on hold. I decided enough was enough and contacted David Crees at Ethical Minds. I explained that I wanted to become more confident as this would benefit me in the interview procedure. David talked me through interview techniques and tips which would prepare me for the day and also provided me with a list of common questions that interviewers could potentially ask. I found this helped to put my mind at ease as the steps were simple and easy to follow and were achievable and relevant to my kinaesthetic learning style.

I contacted David again as part of my interview required me to do a ten minute presentation to the interview panel. Although I hadn’t finalised what I was going to say, David encouraged me to go through what I could remember and then helped me to structure my presentation and highlight the main points that I wanted to make. This made it so much easier for me to remember, as before I tended to panic under pressure, but we practiced key techniques so that I could recite my presentation backwards and forwards! Whilst also building up my confidence levels, David tried to replicate what the interview would entail, so that I could be as prepared as possible and take the presentation in my stride.

I am pleased to report that my interview was a success and I start my course later this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for all his help, tips, techniques and support in order to prepare me thoroughly for my interview. I strongly recommend David to anybody else who is in a similar situation.”
Catherine, Tetbury.

“I can now believe that I’ve done a massive U turn from where I was – to where I am now. Everything is different. Life is good, fun and easier too. Thank you.”
Caroline, Oxford.

“I was quite apprehensive about seeing David as I have had counselling in the past that hadn’t helped. However, with David, it was different. He made me feel very relaxed and ‘important’ from the word go. David is very enthusiastic about his work and his passion definitely lies with the ‘client’ and helping you achieve your goals. David’s approach differs from the councillors I have seen in the past. He helps clients focus on the ‘here and now’ and helps set the foundations for you to take ownership of your future. He aims to help you to do this in the shortest time possible. It was amazing that in 5 weeks I achieved what I have been trying to achieve for many years!  David is a very nice gentleman and I would recommend him. The atmosphere in his consultation room is a very relaxed and calming one too. Thankfully, I can now look to my future, rather than focusing on the past…’
L.Higgins, Cheltenham.

“I am so pleased that I had the privilege of hearing David speak at an event a few years ago at which he gave an insight to the types of work he does and the situations that he helps people to deal with or overcome.  So, when my son recently developed  anxiety issues and had episodes of panic attacks,  the doctor just wanted to prescribe tablets. My first thought was to ask David if he could help.  Silly question really, of course he could! I am delighted to say that the tablets were never taken and my son is now feeling much more in control and has already managed to calm himself and recover his composure during a “wobble” and  all that after just  4 visits with David.  We will definitely recommend David Crees at Ethical Minds as and when we can.”
Annabelle, Worcester.

“When you’re running a business it is essential that you make effective use of your time and utilise your own skill sets to maximum effect. These are tough times and it is crucial to get ahead of the competition. Marking time is not an option. Before my sessions with David I ‘thought’ I knew what was important with respect to my business and work/ life balance. Following the sessions I now know clearly what is ‘actually’ important. There is a difference. I’m now operating in a more refined, targeted way that will bring me the results I require and deserve. I now drive and review the schedule that I constructed in a way that I am comfortable with and that’s a great relief. Many thanks to David for helping me clear my thoughts and rebalance my focus.”
Andrew, Tewkesbury.

“Before I came to see David I was having regular panic attacks which were really upsetting me. I was becoming more and more anxious. I couldn’t understand why it was happening to me. From the very first session David helped me regain control of my thoughts and feelings. This was a real comfort to me. Over a series of sessions and with David’s guidance I discovered that I could control the panic attacks quickly and easily and this gave me great confidence. I’m just so pleased that life’s now back to normal. If you are where I was – then talk to David he could help you too…”
Mike, Stroud.

“Thank you for the work you did with my son.  When I brought him to see you, he was a deeply upset little boy who was suffering emotionally from our marriage breakdown.  After one hour with you, he walked out feeling 10 feet tall and with a smile from ear to ear.  The special toolkit you gave him has done wonders for his confidence and always helps him to get back to a positive place when he feels any emotional challenges. In his words “I was upset, but David helped by talking to me about different things that I could do to make me feel not upset anymore.”

To anyone who is considering using David to support their children: David tuned straight into my eight year old son, and his special positive way of dealing with children has helped my son immensely.  It only took one session to transform his thinking with immediate effect and a second session to check the right buttons were pressed.  David’s ability to focus on the solutions and not the problems means the results are immediate.”
J and K Gloucestershire