Client achievements 2010


This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2010.  They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.


“When I first began to work with David I had been carrying a lot of issues around for years. It wasn’t long before I discovered what a waste of time that had been. With David’s simple but effective techniques I learnt how to deal with each one and search within myself for the solutions I needed to help me move on. It’s an ongoing process but for me the world is a different place now. Like others before me I only wish I had discovered David’s methods years ago…”
‘L’.  Cheltenham.

“‘Following the difficult and challenging birth of my first child I was looking at ways to manage my second pregnancy in a different way. I undertook a series of sessions with David Crees at Ethical Minds, he helped me to calm down and ease my fears of my forthcoming labour. During the sessions I learnt how to focus on my breathing and how to think about the ‘positives’. When I went into labour I remained surprisingly calm. The birth went very well and very quickly. I now have a beautiful baby daughter and I am pleased to say it’s a completely different start to that of my son. I would recommend the confident childbirth course to any prospective Mum. Give David a call he’s there to help…”
Lisa, Cheltenham.

“After hearing many people talk of hypnotherapy I decided to approach David for a consultation. He was very approachable and made me feel comfortable within minutes of meeting him. Within the first session David and I had agreed a set of goals to reach so that we would know when I had solved my initial problems – this ensured that we both knew when we could finish the therapy keeping the cost to the minimum. During the sessions we confronted my issues of stress and anxiety through goal setting, CBT and some hypnotherapy and even managed to get me through my best man speech. I would definitely recommend David to anyone with a similar background as myself. Thanks David!”
Phil, Gloucestershire.

“I did it! I passed with just three minors – I’m so chuffed. Thanks for all your help.”
C. Cheltenham.

“I’m a great ‘reflector’ and I like having techniques that I can use to help myself,  i.e. one’s that I believe in and that can help me in practical ways and I have already experienced positive results by applying them.I found the sessions very relaxing and very helpful. I was given time to focus on me and my solutions. Thanks for your care and attention to detail.”
Susan, Cheltenham.

“My fear of spiders had tormented me my whole life, so I went to see David Crees at Ethical Minds to try to overcome this problem. He helped me to regain control, and by the end of the session I felt so much more confident and able to deal with spider situations; particularly as I’m about to move to university by myself. I didn’t expect to achieve so much, so quickly, and I’m really grateful to David for all the help he has given me”
Sophie G. Gloucester.

“Thank you so much David for helping me pass my driving test, I am thrilled with the result. I now know that with confidence and belief in myself I can achieve anything, and that’s down to your advice. I will go on to use the skills you have taught me in order to achieve anything else I wish. Thank you again!”
Laura F. Gloucestershire.

“After suffering from a phobia of worms since I was a child I was very sceptical about whether it could be resolved. I was even very nervous of any treatment for the phobia as I felt it would involve scare tactics. David at Ethical Minds provided a calm and controlled environment for me to finally tackle my phobia at my own pace. After tailoring techniques to suit my style of thinking my goal was achieved in only two sessions! Incredible! ( … and have pictures to prove it…) 

Once again thank you for all your help.”
Harriet, Cheltenham.

 “David, It’s been over a year since I enlisted your services for help with relieving my stress and anxiety levels and I write to inform you of my continued progress. I can honestly say that the effect of our working together has improved my quality of life no end. I have found my bespoke CD very helpful and use it on a regular basis to relax even more. I was put at ease on my very first consultation and that set the atmosphere for a series of positive sessions. Without hesitation, I will continue to recommend your services and professionalism. Many thanks for all your help and support.”
Gavin Dulake, Cheltenham.

“David, Visiting you has really helped me look at things differently and feel more positive and proud of myself, rather than always putting myself down. I have just come back from Holland where I completed the 100 mile ‘Nijmegen March’ and feel like I am now on the up spiral rather than thinking negatively.
Thank you for all your help.”

Juliette, Gloucestershire.

“Before I went to see David Crees at Ethical Minds I was happy with most aspects of my life. What some people wouldn’t give to feel that way! Unfortunately, there was one issue that appeared to cloud out all the more positive parts: over eating. I knew that diets weren’t the answer but I didn’t know where to go from there. David, by working with me as an individual, showed me HOW to deal with my problem. He uses techniques that are tailored to the individual. I’m losing weight slowly but surely and feel imbued with a new found sense of motivation & enthusiasm. I’ve learned a lot about myself  and equipped with this knowledge feel very well prepared for my happy future.”
Annie D.  Brockworth, Glos.

“My teenage son had been for counseling but as they concentrated on his problems rather than his solutions no progress was made. When exam time began his stress levels were beyond anything I could help him with. After a particularly aggressive outburst from him I got onto the internet and found David Crees at Ethical Minds.  My son needed techniques to cope with stress and revision and David was offering this. Although I was very anxious about handing over responsibility to a ‘stranger’ it was the best thing I could have done. David put myself and my son at ease immediately with his kind, understanding but professional approach. After the first session I was no longer anxious to leave my son in David’s care as the improvement was remarkable. As a direct result of David’s work with my son my whole family’s lives have improved dramatically. I would  wholeheartedly recommend David to anyone needing to progress positively and quickly.”
Karen, Cirencester.

 “David, I would like to thank you for your help. The time spent was excellent and a real eye opener on how the mind works in all its states and I appreciated your bespoke approach. Your knowledge and experience shone through and you helped me with my issues. I would never hesitate to recommend you and your approach to anyone. Many thanks again.”
Richard, Gloucester.

“I would describe David’s services as ‘professional, helpful and very useful’. He gave me great advice which delivered success for me. I’d recommend him.”
David, Cotswolds.

“David, I would begin by saying a massive ‘Thank you’!  What you have helped me to achieve in such a short space of time has gone beyond words. The work you do is incredible.

When I first came to you, I thought it was going to take me several months to get back to normal. I thought that what I was going through was going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. After just the first session people had already started to comment on how much more relaxed I was becoming. A total of four sessions was all it took to get me back to my bubbly self, to show me a different way of understanding things and help me to move forward with my life. The testing, analyzing and goal setting was clearly a winning strategy for me! I have always felt 100% in control.

It is clear for all to see that you are truly passionate about your work and that you create lasting bonds with your clients. Again, thank you so very much for helping me to get my life back on track and for teaching me a new way of thinking.”
Octavia, Gloucestershire.

“I went to see David at a very low point in my life and felt worthless. Within 4 sessions David managed to change my outlook on life to a positive one and also made me feel good about myself. I was very sceptical before I went – not really knowing what to expect!  I would now recommend it to anyone.

I would have not been able to move forward without David’s help. Thank you.”
Jo, Cheltenham.

“David, I’d like to let you know that I’m doing very well and feel like I’m looking at the world differently. I seem to have pretty much forgotten about thinking about being sick, which for something I was so used to living with feels, well, amazing. Considering, I used to spend pretty much every day thinking or wondering if I was going to vomit, and now, it’s just kind of gone. It’s feels like vomiting is like a fictional occurrence, rather than the definite daily fact that I used to feel it was. I occasionally have my stressed days, work is a very busy place at the moment, but I feel I’m in control and can just keep myself in a much calmer state through it, and if a blip does happen it’s gone so quickly because I can just get on top of it. My partner is very impressed!

I’d like to whole-heartedly thank you for giving me a helping hand out of the hole I seemed to have dug myself into. The air’s nicer up here…I think I’ll stay!”
Sam, Gloucestershire.

“I owe much of my regained happiness to David, without his help, I would still be in the same position as I was a year ago. He helped me learn how to be myself again, how to accept myself again and how to love myself again. He helped me discover how to live again by finding the difference which made the difference for me and I did this all my way… Thank you David, for your care, confidence and belief.”
Dominique, Cheltenham.

Thank you David for all the help you gave me with my performance anxiety issues. You gave me a lot of confidence and I feel so much calmer and more positive when preparing for  musical performances and exams. Passing my driving test really was proof of how much I gained from your sessions! Thanks again.”
Sophie, Hucclecote, Glos

“Just wanted to say thanks to David for the help and advice you gave me recently in preparation for my important interview.The techniques I learned worked really well to calm me down before and during the interview process. I felt I was in control and that I could relax and perform to the best my ability.

It’s now been confirmed that I have a place on the course and I’m really happy…! If you’re going for an interview and are feeling nervous, give David a call – he’s there to help …”
Jasmin, Herefordshire.

“Before meeting David Crees I was a miserable wreck, hoping that anti-depressants would help me deal with a pre-mid life crisis.  I was not in a good way at all. I was not working due to a nagging injury and had also broken up in a relationship.  I was moping around at home feeling sorry for myself and felt isolated.

Enter David Crees : I can only describe David’s professionalism, knowledge and advice in his field as nothing short of exemplary.

Sometimes we think in such a way that triggers more negative thoughts and negative behaviours.  I realised that I could fix my problem by ….planning ahead with structure and a change in thinking.  I am not even back in Sydney yet and I feel the benefits already with my confidence.  David really does care about his clients’ well being. I will be letting him know how I get on….and recommend him most highly.”
T. Robinson, Cotswolds.

“Don’t go with any pre-conceived ideas about what’s going to happen at the time. It’s more about what happens after you leave that’s important. I felt light-hearted and I felt I was sharing with someone who was caring. 

Thanks for all your help.”
G.K.N. Cotswolds.

“Thank you so much for helping me with my confidence and self esteem issues. I originally came to see you as I was particularly anxious about attending an event that was approaching. That event happened last week and with the techniques you taught me it wasn’t nearly as daunting as it had been to me a few weeks earlier and I actually enjoyed the event. I had felt that I had become “stuck” in various areas of my life and that my life was “on hold”. I had lost track of who I was and needed the confidence to be myself and move forward. We worked on identity and on relaxation and thinking positive. Due to my husbands career we had moved many times but decided to set down roots in Cheltenham a few years ago. I had been so used to being told where to move and then adapting to that environment. I now felt ready for new challenges but, perversely, I didn’t feel I had the confidence to embark on something new.

I now feel equipped with techniques to plan for the future and I am looking forward to “getting off the train”. Once again, thank you so much for all your help.”
Helen, Cheltenham.

“The ‘sports related’ session was fantastic, giving me some very practical “tools” to use, as well as food for thought and subtle changes that only really became apparent later on.  Since the session I have found myself more able to cope in tricky situations …. I am definitely more aware of what I can do, as opposed to thinking I can’t do that! 

It has also had wider use than just the reason I came in.  I have applied the techniques suggested in several different situations to similar effect. Like I said when we met, I will definitely be recommending you to many, many people.  My friends have already noticed the difference, and I am sure I will be back in the future. Thank you so much, it was fantastic to meet you, and I really look forward to future sessions when I am back in the UK!
Jenny – ‘Gloucester’.

“I found the time spent with David in Cheltenham to be immensely helpful and practical. It was a great coaching and life changing experience. I learned specific techniques that I am now able to use to on a daily basis to improve my life. Many thanks for all your care and attention.”
Julian.  Livingstone, Zambia.

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