Client achievements 2009

This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2009.  They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

“David, just a note to let you know that it’s now 21 months since you helped us both stop smoking. We feel so much healthier now for quitting and as a result our bank balance is already £2850 better off! Thanks once again.”
Steve and Siobhan, Cheltenham.

“Having separated from my wife about a year ago, I set about getting used to living on my own and thought everything was fine. However, not long afterwards, I suffered what I thought was the onset of a heart attack or something similar – making it necessary to call the paramedics. Fortunately, I was given the all clear health wise by my GP and was told I had suffered an anxiety attack – possibly brought on unknowingly by the complete change of circumstances in my life. Although I was always sceptical about any kind of hypnotherapy, I decided to arrange for some Cognitive Hypnotherapy with David Crees at Ethical Minds and although after 2 sessions I didn’t notice or feel any difference, I have to say that I have subsequently been abroad for several weeks holiday with absolutely no problems or worries. I would say that the 2 sessions with David were of immense benefit even though I didn’t realise it at the time.”
Robert, Gloucestershire.

“David is a warm, open-minded chap with outstanding listening skills. He is empathetic yet keen to do the very best for any individual. He tailors techniques to the needs of clients & really knows his stuff. He is reliable and will always get back to you with an answer or solution to any issue… If you want to take action but don’t know how, David will support and challenge you through, to a great outcome. Give him a ring!
Gaynor S, West London.

“David, Just to let you know about my ‘Best man’s speech’ – I was nervous but the speech went amazingly well. The feedback has been great and the groom loved it… Thanks for all your help!”
James, Cheltenham.

“David. I am so chuffed to say that after almost 3 months I still haven’t touched a single cigarette and I feel confident that I never will in the future either, dropping the burden of this nasty habit has brought with it so many benefits I generally feel so much happier and content within myself and feel much more confident too. I genuinely do not feel like I am missing out on anything, which I had often felt when trying other methods which aid in the cessation of smoking. All of the help that you gave me in that single session has brought nothing else but positive things for me. I really am very grateful for your help, for the way that you sincerely cared about me fulfilling my vision of diminishing the temptation and for having faith in me. I don’t know how you do it, I have to admit it truly fascinates me, but please be assured you have left this particular client extremely grateful and glad that she ever stumbled across your practice and the magic that you raise. I hope that you go on to help many more like myself. All the best.”
Miss Jackson, Cotswolds.

“I found my confident childbirth sessions incredibly relaxing which was really welcome when I was heavily pregnant. They are very calm and nothing to worry about. I also had a  bespoke CD so that I could learn to relax totally at home, which gave me 20 minutes of shut off time. I felt incredibly confident about the impending birth, I didn’t have any fear just excitement and expectation. The birth was planned to take place at home but I ended up being admitted to hospital where they discovered our baby was back to back. The delivery took place in theatre with a lot of medication. We had a beautiful baby boy named Oscar and despite the 2 day labour I would do it all again in a heart beat. He is our world! Thank you to David for helping me to feel totally relaxed about labour.”
Kelly, Gloucester.

“David has helped me reduce the stress levels in my life and I now work to live not the other way round. It’s like gaining extra time in the day.”
Doug B. Bishops Cleeve.

“I have used David myself and have recommended him to several of my friends and clients. I have seen amazing results from his work with the people I have recommended him to and would have absolutely no hesitation in sending others to him in the future. “
Sali Gray. Hucclecote, Glos.

“David, it’s been over 2 weeks since our session, and I thought I’d let you know how I was getting on. After 2 weeks now, I’ve not had a single biscuit, cake or chocolate …. simply amazing!  … Thank you so much for your excellent work. You are a true expert in your field. I’ve recommended you to friends and I am more than happy for you to add me to your ever-growing list of satisfied customers that endorse you and your excellent services”.
Peter, Gloucestershire.

“David Crees at Ethical Minds helped me to find my own direction, when I had reached a point where decision making had become very difficult for me. I was always in control, but found that I was empowered, encouraged, and I found what was already inside – I just couldn’t see it. I would recommend David to anyone. Don’t expect someone else to take control for you – but if you would like to work through some of life’s issues, talk to David.”
Ian M. Gloucester.

“David helped me prepare for the birth of my daughter using his confident birthing techniques. They worked fantastically well allowing me to stay calm throughout the experience and deliver a lovely baby girl at home with no need for any pain relief. Myself (and my midwives) were so impressed we would recommend David’s techniques to any expectant mother irrespective of the type of birth she is hoping for. The labour and delivery was actually an enjoyable experience and I felt fantastic afterwards. My little girl has also been very calm and easy going from day one. I felt the beneficial effects long before delivery when my blood pressure lowered and stabilised in the weeks before birth. Bizarrely I also (after 30 years of doing it) stop biting my nails without being consciously aware of doing so. Think David has helped create one chilled out mummy. Thank you.”
Vivienne W . Hucclecote, Glos.

“David, I cannot thank you enough for your therapy approach on my confidence issues. I genuinely felt that you listened to me at all times which was very consoling under my initial circumstances. Just four sessions and I am now completely off an extremely lengthy spell on anti–depressant tablets and feel a new person with my new found confidence and optimism to life. It’s a fantastic feeling to have a value again.”
J. Cheltenham.

“David, although I was more than a little cynical about consulting you – I have to say you have turned my life around. I am able to deal with the dark issues that have haunted me for years. Thank you for all your help and attention.”
Nick S.    North Yorkshire.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for helping me to lose weight through just one session – its been a year now since that session but the weight is still coming off. I have always been skeptical of hypnotherapy but am now a convert and can see how it could help in many other areas of my life…Ill be back.”
Rachael W.     Bishops Cleeve.

“To dear David. I want to write and say thank you so much to you for helping me. I have struggled with my fears and anxieties for many years, so much so I had accepted it as part of my life, but it was actually ruining my life. I was very nervous about having hypnotherapy but you took the time to explain everything to me and to make sure that I felt safe and confident, I then felt I could trust you immediately. I honestly never thought it could be possible to not be the way I was any more but David you have truly set me free. I cannot recommend you enough to everyone I meet. It was the best money I have EVER spent! You are the loveliest man and I think everyone needs a bit of David in their life.”
Natalie W.   Cheltenham.

“David, big thank you for the way you worked with me to sort out my issue. As you well know I wasn’t the happiest person when I came to see you and to be honest you were my last hope. You gave me hope over the weeks. It was different way of looking at life – a structured way of focusing on the “Solution”. I took this different way of thinking and applied it to my life. Things haven’t been easy but things have turned around. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel !”
P.K. Cheltenham.

“Dear David, I wanted to write this firstly to say a HUGE thank you for helping me through a very difficult time and secondly so that others are aware of what a fantastic and extremely important job you do. I was recommended to you by a very close friend of mine at a time when I needed it the most and I have to say it was the best recommendation I have ever had. The treatment I have received has done me the world of good and I feel like and am a completely different person to the one that first came in to see you a couple of months ago. Had I taken a different route, perhaps medically for my situation, I honestly do not believe I would feel like the happy, strong person that is confident that the choices they have made are the right ones. You have given the me the tools, advice and help to get to where I am in a very short space of time, Something of a miracle and I feel the words thank you are not enough for what you have helped me achieve but thank you anyway. I will continue to spread the word to everyone I know and am extremely grateful for everything you have done for me. I have come away from this a very strong positive person who is fascinated by hypnotherapy and neuro-lingiustic programming and can see how it can help in so many different situations. Thank you again and I wish you all the best for the future.”
Leah W. Hereford.

“David Crees has been helping me over the past 18 months – coping with some very difficult situations and had given me the strategies to cope and deal with my emotions more effectively. This has enabled me to move my life forward in a more positive, pragmatic way instead of letting other issues get in the way. If anyone should read this, I would highly recommend this therapy as being one of the most positive treatments I have experienced, and I will continue to use David throughout the years.”
M. C. Cheltenham.

“David. Just a quick note to say thank you once more for helping me get my eating habits under control, particularly with regard to chocolate. It is not now the be all and end all of everything and I can take it or leave it. I have lost weight and inches, take more exercise and generally feel much happier about myself. I would be happy to recommend your services.”
Moe H.  Glos.

“David, before I came to see you at the Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic I was having very regular panic attacks which made me feel very down. The sessions with you transformed me into a happy, smiling person with no fears or anxiety. I can now achieve all the things I couldn’t do before. I would recommend your sessions and approach to anyone in a similar position, Thanks so much, you’re a genius!”
Jamie,  Bishops Cleeve.

“Hi David,  Just a brief note to let you know that over the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked to take on a much bigger role at work. I did find the sessions particularly useful in addressing personal hurdles of self belief and feel that the learning’s from those sessions will benefit me even more as I take on this much larger role. So, many, many thanks for your input into my career development, much appreciated. Of course I will be baring you and your repertoire in mind as I begin to ascertain the skill sets and any development areas of my new management team.”
R. Glos.

“I found myself stuck in a very emotional situation from which I was unable to move on. My inner strength had been drained by the years I had been trying to cope with that situation and my self confidence was very low. Although I needed to stand back and detach myself from the situation there is a very big difference between knowing and doing. You have helped me find the strength to have the courage of my convictions and the confidence to believe in my own judgement. I have now been able to give my self ‘permission’ to begin to move on. There has also been a knock on effect in other areas of my life. I am more assertive at work and I generally feel a lot happier than before. My confidence whilst driving has also improved. Others have commented that I seem to have a much more positive and confident outlook. My decision to contact you at Ethical Minds has been one of the best things I have done and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Besides benefiting enormously from what you have taught me I have found the whole experience absolutely fascinating and I always felt completely safe and in control. As you know, my next big challenge is to travel to New Zealand to visit my sister who I have not seen for eight years. If I can do that, and I now know I can, I can do anything. Thank you so much.”
Barbara, Tewkesbury.

“I was very fortunate to know somebody who recommended David Crees from Ethical Minds to me. I was suffering from depression after my husband left leaving me with a young family to bring up along with financial turmoil and some very nasty neighbours. It got so stressful that I had to take my children out of their schools and relocate. My new partner certainly helped me in getting over some of the issues I had but David helped immensely in helping me get over my depression. As well as being very professional in what he does, I felt very relaxed and comfortable with him which was important to me. The exercises he got me to do were very beneficial and in the few sessions I had with David he has got me well on the road to recovery. I would like to thank David very much for helping me out with something I never thought I would get over and would highly recommend his services.”
Debbie, Cheltenham.

“Life has become so much simpler since I came to see you and I now look forward to situations I used to dread! Kind regards and best wishes”
Richard, Cheltenham.

“David, Just a note to thank you for your recent help. I found the business coaching sessions to be very helpful – a logical and easy to apply combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that I use on a daily basis. From our first conversation, I found your confidence inspiring and easy to work with. I particularly liked the fact that, with your background in a demanding commercial environment, you are well equipped to apply your practitioner’s portfolio of skills to business related issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to others. Thank you again for everything.”
A. H. Charlton Kings.

“David, just wanted to let you know that your support in helping me control my anxiety and fears has been amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much.”
Stephanie, Gloucester.

“I was extremely impressed with the way David dealt with my lifelong fear of spiders. He was both friendly and reassuring and I particularly liked his enthusiasm for his subject. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a hypnotherapist. I look forward to being able to spend time in my garden this summer without worrying about the “little creatures”.
M.R. Glos.