Client achievements 2008

This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2008.  They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

“David is not only a brilliant hypnotherapist but also a really lovely person. I was lucky enough to be able to sample his relaxation CD which I found incredibly calming and helped me to switch off at the end of the day. I have used it many times and will continue to do so and would recommend him to anyone looking at de-stressing or any other form of help. I’d like to thank him for his help and would definitely use him again!”
Samantha K  Cheltenham.

“David, You have helped me so much and I now actually look forward to doing the things I used to dread. Thank you for making this possible !”
Jennie, Glos.

“My three visits to Ethical Minds represented a very positive experience. David’s style was friendly and reassuring, relaxed and non-judgmental. His commitment and enthusiasm are instantly apparent and he clearly takes pains and ʼgoes the extra mile to produce the right outcome for each individual. Sessions are conducted in a modern, professional setting, with ample time for discussion. David’s broad knowledge and helpful approach immediately inspire confidence; consultations were swiftly arranged, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services. “
M.S. Cheltenham.

“David, I would just like to write a few words to say thank you for all the help that you, David, and Cognitive Hypnotherapy has given me and to tell you about the ongoing results of it which for me is very exciting! I first came to you suffering from stress and didn’t feel confident about myself or in control of anything in my life. I also wanted to lose weight, as I had battled to get this under control for many years. After just four sessions my life has changed dramatically. After the last session I went out and bought some trainers and made a really positive decision to go out walking every day. After a week of doing this and feeling more confident I plucked up courage to walk in to the local gym and joined up straight away. Just by taking time for myself which I wasn’t doing before, I have started to feel good about myself and I now go to the gym five days a week! After just 4 weeks I have gone down a clothes size and I no longer have cravings for chocolate, biscuits or crisps. It really is brilliant, David, the way Cognitive Hypnotherapy has helped me to turn my life around. I have recommended you my friends and family and will continue to do so. The sessions have given me so much more confidence and I am feeling so good about myself. I see in myself every day that I am changing for the better, and my friends and family are starting to notice a real difference in me and that gives me such a buzz! Thank you so much.”
Melanie G.  Cheltenham.

“Sometimes life throws something at you that is difficult for you to cope with. Something unexpected or outside of your experience that shakes you to your core. Something that throws you into a state of confusion, when you may be in danger of making a wrong decision. I can thoroughly recommend David Crees in such a situation. He has special techniques at his disposal that can help you to see through the fog of confusion very clearly and come to understand what is really important in your life and how to deal with things to make life better. Thanks for all your help.”
Paul, Tewkesbury.

“Thank you so much, this is the happiest I have been in as long as I can remember and in no small part thanks to you! I was having a very tough time and really struggling but now I have new found self esteem and security I didn’t think possible. Many, many thanks.”
Lauren, Gloucester.

“David, Over the past six months, thank you for helping me overcome the deepest of depression. I was traumatised and in a very, very sad place when my treatment started with you. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to reach a place known as ‘happy’ and you have helped me get there. After years of battle with medication I finally feel at ease with myself, my feelings and being me. Cognitive hypnotherapy has been a breakthrough for me – I never anticipated it would work so well and so quickly. I now feel I have new found energy for life and my family. You are so committed David, and are always at ease with all of your techniques. You have faith in what you do and treat all patients with the greatest of respect. For these reasons I’m sure our paths will cross again in the near future.”
EMA, Gloucestershire.

“David, I am writing to thank you for helping me to realise my potential and for giving me the tools to able to say “I can” and “I will”. This coming year will be challenging but I am now confident that I’ll be able to handle anything and gain even more strength in doing so. Thank you again!”
Sue. Cheltenham.

“I was a little sceptical at first about what David and hypnotherapy could actually do to help me. He helped me to relax right from the offset and funnily enough this was the start of a transition for me from a very tense and stressed person to a more relaxed state. He has given me a new perspective on my life and what’s important to me. Thanks David.

To all those who are at all sceptical about it then just speak to David. “
Steve Davis, Cotswold Computer Medic Ltd.

“I had been suffering from stress and sleepless nights for some months, I’d even had a stress related health issues. I went to see David in the hope he might help me. I was skeptical at first, so I was amazed to find on my first visit that he didn’t ‘hypnotize’ me but helped me to find the strategies and techniques that would work for me and help me manage my life better. He made me realise it was okay to take care of me instead of everyone else. After just a few sessions I felt back in control of my life – I still have my high pressure job but I can manage it rather than it managing me. I cannot thank David enough! “
Susan M.  Cheltenham.

“Very happy to have worked with David, a very positive decision to have made in my life. He has helped me immensely, I highly recommend his work.”
J Searby, Glos.

“I just want to drop a line to just say how marvellous David of Ethical Minds has been to me. A few weeks ago I went to David, I had issues with my weight, lack of confidence and a stream of self limiting beliefs. After just a few enlightening sessions with David, I feel completely liberated…like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis – my weight is under control, I am tackling situations I would have previously skirted around and I am goal setting for the first time in my life. I am feeling wonderful and the future is rosy. David offers a truly exceptional service that I would, without hesitation recommend to anyone. Thank you David for your kindness, your encouragement, your listening ear and your professionalism.”
Marian T, Gloucester.

“I am writing to thank you for your sessions in helping me to be more positive with respect to my professional and personal life. For many years of running a staff of eighteen people I felt obliged to please everybody, often making decisions that were, at times, not the best for the business. However, as a result of working with you, I now find that I am able to make key decisions quickly and easily as my confidence has grown in my own ability. I now have a strong inner confidence. I would recommend your services to others. For a small investment, I’ve gained life changing results.”
Roger, Tewkesbury.

“Thank you does not seem enough as to how you have helped me overcome my terror of driving. I used to feel physically sick and go hot and cold trembly and convince myself that I would either have an accident or worse cause someone else to have one. Your techniques have helped me feel calm and rational, knowing that confidence is continuing to build not only for driving but also in other areas. I would recommend that hypnotherapy can help and I will be coming back to see you for something else that I wish to work on.”
Alison, Cheltenham.

“Over a month has now past since my consultation. As a habitual nail biter since the age of 5, I am very pleased to say that my nails have remained un-bitten for over a month now. I would like to thank you for your very professional treatment and assure you that I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I meet in a similar plight.”
David R. Worcester.

“I first visited David almost as a last resort. I’ve always lacked confidence; however following a period of illness and having had surgery, I was struggling to get back on form due my confidence issue. I immediately felt that David knew his subject well, and was reassured with his commitment and passion in a topic he really believed in. He was always honest and realistic about expectations and different techniques that we could try, and created a relaxing yet professional service. I soon found that the hypnotherapy techniques were having a positive effect on me and gradually have made continued progress. It has definitely helped me to find the tools to use so as to enable me to get on with life again and would advise anyone who is considering trying hypnotherapy, not to dismiss it without giving it a go first.”
Anita, Forest of Dean.

“I booked my appointment with David as an emergency. I was applying to do my sandwich year in my degree and was having trouble with confidence and focus at interviews. I had a two hour session. We started by assessing my preferred style of thinking – from which exercises emerged for optimal success. Throughout the session David was very welcoming and calm helping me to relax into the situation. I was a little concerned before the session but I felt in control of the situation for the entire session. Before my interview I took a couple of deep breaths and thought over everything David had said and what we worked on. It was my most confident and relaxed interview. I got a call the next day offering me the job with all positive feedback on my interview etiquette. I can’t wait for next year. Thank you.”
R.E. Cheltenham.

“Thank you for your positive attitude and help to overcome depression and low self esteem. The techniques learnt are proving to be extremely useful and I would recommend you to others in a similar position.”
Sarah, Cheltenham.

“I am writing to say thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. Before I came to you I had failed three driving tests due to nerves and lack of confidence. Your sessions gave me the confidence I needed and made me overcome my nerves. You made me have more confidence and not just with driving and I’m very grateful. Thanks again.”
Natalie, Cheltenham.

“Thank you for the session, it really helped. I have a new focus and a new goal. I want to be successful, proud to be me, a mother, a wife and a person. A person who enjoys life, loves people and is happy.”
T. Cheltenham.

“David worked with me for two sessions to help me resolve a few lifestyle and business issues. I was a little sceptical at first as to how much benefit hypnotherapy would be to me. However, after the first session I was pleasantly surprised as to how David was able to improve my perspective on the direction my business and hence my life was heading. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for all his help. For service and value for money I would heartily recommend David’s services to anyone who feels they need a little extra help with, psychological, emotional or other lifestyle issues. “
Dan G. Cheltenham.

“David, I am just writing to thank you for all the help you gave me in our session the day before my wedding. My main concern in the months leading up to the wedding was my speech. My only previous experience of speaking in front of an audience had been disastrous, and the thought of having to make a speech in front of lots of people at my own wedding was a big worry for me. However, after the hour or so we had together I immediately felt more confident and positive about the whole situation. On the day, despite still being naturally very nervous, I was able to deliver the speech that I wanted, and the guests at our wedding were all very complimentary towards me. I was then able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the day, the best day of my life. Now I look back and wonder what I was so concerned about!! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone with similar worries to mine. Many thanks again. “
Russell, Cheltenham.

“David,  When you first agreed to help my wife and I to give up smoking we were really excited. It was not until later we thought oh no what does this entail. Siobhan, my wife and I have both said how quickly you put us at ease at our individual sessions. Its amazing how it works, it seems just one session with you and I don’t see smoking in the same way. I definitely don’t want to do it anymore. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wanted to give up smoking or anything else. The session was professional yet relaxed and informal. You have managed to help us achieve something we would never have been able to without your help. Thank you.
Steve & Siobhan, Cheltenham.

“Hi David, I would like to thank you for your help and guidance you have given me through our meetings. I certainly felt you listened to what the issues were and adapted the program to suit me. I certainly deal with the general pressures of life far better and my relationship has improved through the communication levels I now use. I would highly recommend you to anyone who feels that their life is not going in the direction they want it too, to give you a call, as you have helped me tremendously to create an environment I am happy in. Many thanks.”
Harry, Gloucester.

“Dear David, A huge ‘Thank you’ for all your support, encouragement and kindness in helping me overcome my phobia of driving alone. To anyone who may be sceptical or uncertain about the benefits of hypnotherapy I would encourage them to try it. You have helped me see obstacles in a completely different light and shown me simple but effective techniques which I will use over and over again in the future. I feel quite literally, a different woman. Love and Thanks”
Janet ,  Prestbury.