Client achievements 2007

This is a wide-ranging collection of individual client achievements submitted in 2007. They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients and each is displayed with the client’s written permission. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

“I just wanted to drop a line to thank David for all the help and kindness regarding my problem of social phobia and associated other fears and worries that have been disabling me for many years. I can’t believe how much better I am (and in such a short space of time) and the strange thing the recovery seems to be on-going-feeling better and better all of the time. I can now do most things I felt unable to do in the past and my life has turned round, very much for the better. Any future clients who are unsure of this type of therapy please do not sit and suffer when there is someone like David out there to help you.
Cathy V, Cheltenham.

“David’s help in preparation for the birth of my new daughter was fantastic. He covered techniques for a calm and confident birth including relaxation and pain management. The delivery went extremely well with no need for medicalised pain relief. I felt in control throughout and was able to achieve the natural birth I wanted. If you are pregnant and anxious, as so many of us are, give this a go ….”
Vivienne W   Hucclecote, Glos.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for all the help he has given me with my Public Speaking nerves, David is very patient and the processes work!!! I advise anybody who has any fears or phobia’s to give David a call and fear no more!!!”
Clive H.  Gloucester.

“David helped my daughter with her fear of frogs (ranidaphobia) and his work has been very helpful. As it was my first encounter with such a service I found David’s approach fascinating and very effective. Highly recommended.”
Tony. Cheltenham.

“It had been my intention to rate this business as ‘Truly Exceptional’, but a slip of the finger ended in it being recommended only. I want to put the record straight and let people know that the work David and I did together was incredible, and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. “
Tony M.  West London.