Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP Fees

‘Curious Minds’ :  Your initial enquiry via phone or email to explore your routes to your success. No charge
Preliminary meeting face to face : An opportunity for you to meet your practitioner in a professional, private and confidential setting to discuss your way forward. Allow 20 minutes for this meeting. £45
Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLPYour positive change sessions at 3 Royal Crescent in Cheltenham. Discover your solutions in a way that makes sense to you. 60 minutes per session. £90
NLP Performance Coaching :  Your positive change sessions via video call in the comfort of your own home.
‘Vibrant Minds’ :  These sessions are specifically designed for children and teenagers (6 – 17yrs) and last 50 minutes. Ideal for managing anger, anxiety, exam tension and performance anxiety issues, building confidence and self esteem. £75
‘Sporting Minds’ :  Are you serious about moving up to the next level of your chosen sport? This single, extended session (75 mins.) is designed to enhance your personal sporting performance. Question : Stay put or move on to the next level?
It’s your call …
Clear Minds – focused relationship help : Are designed to help clients move on quickly from difficult and challenging periods / relationships in their lives. This is a designated 2 hour session that utlilises both hypnosis and NLP. £180
‘Project You’ :  Working with your personal development in mind, 4 – 6 sessions, 60 minutes per session. Achieve your personal and professional goals. Challenge and break free from self-limiting beliefs. You can restore, develop and discover your true potential in a way that makes sense to you. £90
‘Confident Childbirth’ :  Bespoke, confident childbirth sessions, researched, designed and delivered to meet your specific, personal needs in a ‘one-to-one’ setting. 50 minutes per session. Discover the benefits of relaxed, confident childbirth now. £75
Smoking cessation pathway :  For when the time’s right for you to cut down or to stop smoking / vaping completely. Explore ways of you, helping yourself, to quit. £195


*Sunday : Extended sessions are available by special arrangement and are charged at £175 per session (75 minutes).


Payment options.

By debit/credit card, Apple / Google / Sony Pay or cash.

Appointment cancellation policy.

For the consideration of other clients 24 hours notice is required to cancel appointments. Ethical Minds reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of £45 for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of designated appointment time. Appointments cancelled on day, or missed, may be charged in full. Clients are required to settle outstanding cancellation fees in full before their next scheduled appointment. The Ethical Minds Consultancy reserves the right to change fees without prior warning.


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