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Cheltenham Hypnotherapist David Crees answers your questions

After over 16 years of full-time, successful practice, David provides you with the answers to a range of typical questions asked by his clients. Should you have any further questions please do get in touch.

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Is your clinic currently open?


My clinic is fully open. Face to face sessions are now available. I am working within current Government guidelines (December 2021).


Please attend promptly at your designated time. When you arrive, please press the button on the intercom – I will then buzz you in. Please wear a face mask whilst you move through the building to my consultation room.

You will be required to sanitise your hands on entering and also on leaving my consultation room.

My consultation room is set out so that there is ample room to respect ‘social distancing’. The room has appropriate ventilation at all times too. I allow a 30 minute break between client sessions in order that all sanitisation procedures are implemented thoroughly. You can be assured that I take the health and welfare of my clients (…and my own) very seriously!

Why should I choose you?


A very important question. I am a registered, full time, experienced professional Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. I have an extensive proven track record of working successfully with a diverse range of issues and problems. Since 2006, I can demonstrate the effectiveness of my work via original client reviews that you can examine first hand when we meet. All original reviews are presented with the written permission of my clients.

Clients often comment on how quickly they feel at ease when they meet me for the first time and I take that as a great compliment. Your comfort and welfare is amongst the highest of my priorities. Many of my new clients come for consultations via personal recommendations from current and previous clients.

Fact : Hypnotherapists set up and fail in Gloucestershire regularly. For those that do go on a registered training course, very, very few of them can actually work with ‘real clients’ effectively. In short, clients have a negative experience and soon choose to go elsewhere.

My full-time professional practice, now in its 17th year, continues to grow and you must take from that what ever you choose…

An additional point to consider, most hypnotherapists offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They just read a standard, pre-written ‘script’  to their clients. In effect, every client gets the same boring message irrespective of their individual profile differences and needs.

In my professional opinion, such practices are ineffective. This is echoed by my clients who have previously experienced poor results.

My clients deserve better. My methodology, by contrast, offers a more refined approach. It focuses on bespoke, advanced language patterns and utilises the client’s own trance phenomena to guide the client to their own solutions and has taken many years of experience, personal input and practice to develop.

It’s my way of working. If you wish to experience the benefits of it you’ll need to work with me in person.

A combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT techniques, delivered competently  can be extremely effective when you’re working with an experienced professional and the positive results speak for themselves.

This is your chance for a fresh start. Take it!

I research, prepare and deliver a bespoke series of sessions designed to meet your exact needs. Many clients say ‘I wish I’d found you first…’   I am passionate about what I do and how I help my clients achieve the results they’re searching for in the shortest possible time. I’m here to listen and assist you – not to judge…

Call me now, in confidence, to discuss your way forward.

Office 01242 570186   Direct 07726 789214

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CNHC Registration

What are your fees?


In brief.

  • Initial consultations via phone or email are free of charge.

Thereafter, for a session lasting approximately 60 minutes the following fees apply;

Monday – Friday (9.00am – 8.00pm) = £90.

Sunday extended sessions are available by special arrangement = £175 (75 mins).

Children and teenagers ( to 17 yrs – 50 mins) = £75.

  • Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions are paid for by debit/credit card or cash.
  • Smoking and vaping cessation / reduction session :  £195.

In detail.

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complete list of services and fees



Aren't all consultation rooms the same?


No, standards vary immensely!

Many are in an amateurish,  make shift room in the therapist’s home with an array of distractions.

Others are situated within inappropriate, noisy sub – standard premises. Rooms are often ‘generic’, cramped and uncomfortable as they try (and fail) to cater for a wide range of practitioner needs. Often, standards of cleanliness are not good due to time pressures between client sessions.

Basically, the practitioner hires them from a third party by the hour in order to skimp on business overheads. Also, the resulting time pressures can lead the ‘hirer’ to end the session abruptly leaving the client in a non-productive emotional state. Attendees often find themselves waiting / queuing with others which, in itself, is embarrassing for many clients…

In complete contrast, the professional and spacious Ethical Minds consulting rooms are conveniently sited in the heart of Cheltenham town centre. Safe social distancing is practised. My practice room is spotlessly clean and sanitised after every client session. Safe car parks are situated close to my practice too. My clients appreciate and experience a professional  unhurried service in the very best of comfort and in first class surroundings. They experience a private, one to one bespoke setting.

Clients are impressed when they enter my consultation room for the first time. They often comment on the professional and yet relaxed atmosphere.

Are you a registered practitioner?


Yes, I am registered with several key, professional, organisations. I am DBS checked and also have full public liability insurance.

Whoever you choose to work with,  it is really important that you work with a currently registered, insured practitioner who works to a high professional level. This is for your safety and reassurance.

Don’t assume that the practitioner belongs to a registered body because its written on their website. Always check with the registering body by visiting the registering body’s website direct.  Always ask to see their certification too. If they are not registered and insured and / or facts don’t match – avoid them!!

Listed below are the key, high standard professional bodies I am registered with in the UK.

QCHPA – Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Registered Practitioners
NCH – National Council For Hypnotherapy
CNHC – Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council

Did you practice at Maxima Forum, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham?


Yes, I practised there full-time for eight years. The building was sold contractors for re-development in June 2014 – this initiated my move to the prestigious surroundings of Royal Crescent in the heart of the town.

What have clients achieved from their sessions ?

What's the best way to contact you?


In the first instance, you may wish to send me an email using the enquiry form on the ‘Contact page‘. Please leave your details and I will respond promptly to your enquiry. Alternatively, you can either call Ethical Minds reception on : 01242 570186 or my mobile : 07726 789214 and speak directly to me. Your call may divert to a confidential voice mail message service during busy periods. If you prefer, we can arrange meet at my consultation rooms to discuss your personal requirements face to face.

So, when you’re ready, do get in touch and we can take it forward.


What will happen afterwards?


Clients remember most things about their sessions without any prompting. For some, a small reminder will trigger off a train of thought which then reminds them of the therapy content. After all its your session and you are always in control of the proceedings. Please be aware the sessions work at two levels, i.e. at a conscious level and in the unconscious mind. Addressing the imbalances between these two levels can start the beginning of change for you as an individual.

Following a session clients often report a feeling of deep relaxation and refreshment. You are perfectly safe to drive and can return to whatever you were doing prior to session.

What do the letters after your name represent?


Dip C. Hyp : Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

MNCH (Acc) : Accredited member of the National Council For Hypnotherapy. Minimum of 3 years membership required. (Licentiate > Registered > Accredited) – The ‘NCH’ is the leading governing body of professional standards for hypnotherapy in the UK. (It operates in a ‘not for profit’ capacity).

HPD : Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma : The modern bench mark and key qualification to practice to a high professional standard. Level 4 attained. Recognised nationally and assessed independently by the NCFE.

MPNLP : Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming

B. Ed Hons : Bachelor of Education Degree with honours. University of Gloucestershire 1980. (Formerly St Paul’s College, Cheltenham).

How many sessions will I need?


I work with people – not machines…

No two clients are the same and so I offer bespoke sessions which reflect your needs and your requirements. You may get the result you want from a single session – and that’s excellent. If it takes more – then so be it. I’m focused on discovering what’s right for you as an individual to facilitate long term change. By using a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, CBT and advanced NLP techniques I will help you to find your solution in the shortest possible time. They’re your sessions and you’re in charge. Your first session will be 60 – 70 minutes duration. Thereafter, sessions last approximately one hour.

Can children be hypnotised?


The simple answer is, yes, they can. I offer sessions for children from 7 years of age. Again, there is no hard and fast rule on the entry age. It really does depend on the individual child. A bright and imaginative child can benefit quickly. The results are often amazing and can be achieved in just one session. When children are relaxed and feel safe great changes occur.

Will I lose control?


No, not at all. You are always in control of the whole process. Clients cannot be made, whilst in trance, to do or say anything that they don’t feel comfortable with. Throughout the session you just feel completely relaxed, safe in the knowledge that you are creating positive change to your life.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis can be explained in terms of trance. Going into trance is an everyday occurrence which we all experience to a greater or lesser extent depending on our emotional state and what we are focusing our attention on at any given time. A trance state is an altered state of conscious. This can be really subtle and client’s expectation can be managed as they often don’t ‘feel’ any different when they’ve been hypnotised.

People equate trance with an altered state of consciousness. Here, our attention has become focused on something other than our immediate environment. Hypnosis can be explained as a process of guiding a person into a trance state for an agreed purpose. It is important to stress that the client cannot be made to do anything against their will. The client always remains ‘in control’ of the proceedings. After hypnosis most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation.

Hypnotherapy uses this altered state of awareness in order to facilitate change in a persons behaviour e.g. to remove an unwanted habit, self limiting belief, learned response or perhaps enhance a quality that they want more of such as self-confidence.

What if I can't be hypnotised?


Quite simply, the people who ‘can’t’ be hypnotised are those who don’t want to be. I will be able to select from a number of different techniques that are suited to you to help you go into trance. We’re all different and consequently I offer a professional, flexible approach that meets your personal needs. As a trained Cognitive hypnotherapist, I will work with you to find out which techniques best suit you.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?


Hypnotherapy is safe. There are no side effects. Hypnotherapy is non-addictive. It is a very natural form of therapy. You have all the resources you need. As a highly skilled Cognitive Hypnotherapist I will help you find and create your own bespoke solutions. Always remember, you’re in control at all times and it’s your session. Assisting you reach your solutions is amongst the highest of priorities.

Is it possible to get stuck in a trance?


No! You are always in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Just as you choose to go into trance the reverse applies too – i.e. you can terminate the trance at any time.

Some people believe for all hypnotherapy to be effective the client needs to be guided into a deep trance. This is simply untrue. Most sessions only require a light trance to achieve beneficial results. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the more we practice the better we get.

► David is here to help you – email him now or phone on 01242 570186 or 07726 789214.