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Cheltenham hypnotherapist David Crees provides a wide-ranging insight into over 225 individual client achievements from his clinic that date from 2007 to present day. Each is displayed with the client’s written permission. They are not displayed as guarantees of success but as examples of what can and has been achieved by clients. All of the contributors are pleased to share their thoughts with you.

Read on to see what clients say about his bespoke approach and their personal outcomes.


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“You could not meet a more genuine and caring professional, totally at one with your needs”.

Mark W. Gloucester 5* – Google review


“David is a brilliant therapist, he is warm, kind and empathetic. His approach is both practical and effective producing great results. I would highly recommend.”

Jill, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“I was so sceptical about attending a Hypnotherapy session, and ‘bullied’ into it by my wife, but what a revelation ! David was simply brilliant and so professional. I found my issues so embarrassing to discuss, I need not have worried. I can now look forward to 2022 with confidence and vigour. I owe David a debt I can never repay – Thank You David.”

Nick, Gloucestershire – 5* Google review


“I would highly recommend David’s services. I had several sessions with David, which I found genuinely informative and helpful. We explored and discussed a range of techniques that I have already put to good use. Above all, the focus remained practical and pragmatic”.

Jordan, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“I cannot thank David enough for the way in which he helped me understand my situation and how better to deal with the “ flight or fight” feelings. His whole approach is very calm and puts you completely at ease. If I could give 6 stars I would!!”

Luke, Gloucestershire – 5* Google review


“The environment warm, inviting and put me at ease. David was patient, welcoming and supportive throughout my sessions and via email and phone. He gave me realistic and manageable goals and supportive measures that I can continue to use and develop over time. I went away from the first session feeling more at ease and in control. It was clear in the second session that David had a great understanding of me and what he and I could both do to support myself. I continue to see the positive effect of these sessions in my daily life and I will continue to use the advice and techniques. I can’t thank David enough, highly recommend.”

Heather, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“David has helped me find the new positive me. He has given me the tools to move forward in situations I couldn’t before.
I highly recommend David and thank him for his great expertise”.

Elena, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“David has really changed my mindset on a few individual problems I was suffering with. His patience, skill set and genuine kind nature made me put my whole self into the process. I would highly recommend David to anyone struggling with, well whatever! Great guy, so thank you David!”

Ross, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“Incredible. In just 4 sessions I have overcome crippling anxiety which has plagued me on and off for over 20 years. Logical, practical approaches have put me back in control and armed me with the tools needed should it unexpectedly reappear. I have overcome my driving phobia and no longer live in dread of panic attacks. Thank you David. Your help has been life changing”.

Rachel, Oxford – 5* Google review


“David helped me with my biggest fear within just 3 sessions, I never thought I would feel how I do now! Would highly recommend!”

Lilly, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“David is the most relaxing and patient person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The atmosphere at ethical minds put me at ease straight away and each session I had felt like I had all the time in the world. I could never thank David enough for what he has helped me with. Would recommend to anyone without hesitation”.

Sam, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“David is a very calming person to be around, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and the environment is very soothing. Would recommend highly.”

Dave S, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“Have been having hypnotherapy with David for 5+ years now. Would highly recommend for a safe, calming environment.”

HW, Cheltenham – 5* Google review


“All my life I have had a phobia of needles and it was something that I just avoided ever thinking about. However,  I knew that I had to try and overcome it when it started to prevent me from certain things like dental treatment, going to the doctors or vaccinations for jobs and traveling. I went to see David at Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham and had three sessions with him. He helped me learn how to cope and confront my phobia.  Since the sessions, I have been able to have my first injections and now have the confidence to stop it preventing me from opportunities in the future.”

Oliver, Gloucestershire


“Thank you for your time and efforts in helping me.  I feel I have gained so much from your sessions and have noticed a massive improvement within myself.”

Emma, Cheltenham

“I made more progress in an hour and a half with David than I did in ten years with other therapists. Thank you so much!”

Mollie, Cheltenham

“I felt very calm and confident the whole day. The sessions taught me me it’s OK to be nervous but with the right preparation and positive thinking I would succeed.

The wedding was fantastic and the wedding speech went as well as it could have. I nailed it!!”

Mark, Cheltenham

Work with Cheltenham hypnotherapist David Crees “Calm from the moment you contact him. Gets you feeling relaxed – yet motivated. Couldn’t have passed my driving test without him.”

Gemma, Cheltenham

David has been a fantastic support for our son who has struggled with some anxiety about a few things. Our son found him easy to talk to, and comes out of each session feeling calm and positive and armed with an ever increasing set of tools that he can use to help him manage his anxieties when he needs to. Furthermore, David’s support has extended beyond session times. He has made himself available for phone calls with our son at times. He has gone above and beyond to ensure our son’s well being during those times that have been really challenging for him. We would thoroughly recommend him.

KB. Stroud Valleys

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“For 10 years I have suffered from Dental/needle phobia. This ever increasing fear and anxiety created a total barrier which prevented me from receiving regular and necessary dental treatment and consequently my confidence was plummeting to an all time low.

This was a significant problem which I urgently needed to address. On researching possible solutions I opted for hypnotherapy and this was the turning point.

I approached David Crees at Ethical Minds in Cheltenham and have quickly progressed in the right direction. I have adopted and developed a positive attitude and have been delighted with my progress. David was instrumental in equipping me with coping mechanisms and helping me to overcome fears and build confidence. I am proud of my achievements having now successfully completed my Dental Treatment Plan at the dentist in a relatively short span of time. Wonderful!

Family and friends have noticed a significant transformation from a negative to a positive attitude and also my increased confidence in many aspects of my life. Hypnotherapy definitely works!
A huge thank you to David! I have certainly benefited from David’s highly professional services.”

David, Worcestershire

“Just thought I would let you know, I’m back in France and have just been for a dog walk alone through long grass and along a canal (where I know there are snakes) and did it fine. I had your techniques in my head ready just in case but I was fine and didn’t need to use them. 
I felt the session was money well spent and would certainly recommend you (actually, I have already!). If needed I will be back!”

Josy, Cote D’Azur, France


“There is no room for any pessimism in David’s professional company. He oozes positivity and whilst this can be a challenging notion, under the backdrop of stress and anxiety , somehow I’ve become more aware of my thinking errors as these are challenged in therapy. Sessions were relaxed and had positive motivational structuring with some ‘homework’ to undertake. There were practical exercises too. David tailors his therapeutic approaches to ones needs has a wealth of different approaches and tools. The main hypnosis, is tailored individually and David is very skilled and gifted in carefully enabling one to relax into a place of calm in order to benefit from his suggestions, which are powerful and effective even after the session. I will be returning to David for further sessions in the future and thank him for all he did for my severe anxiety.”

Michael, Gloucestershire

“David has helped me in lots of ways. I had a school trip that I was really scared about but he helped me learn some techniques which I would use to keep me calm when I was there. Also texted me me lots and spoke to me on the phone when I did feel wobbly. He is really easy to talk to. I found his voice really relaxing. Overall, he is a legend!”

A. Gloucestershire

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“The techniques you have given me have put me back in control. That, in itself, has given me so much more confidence. I’m now comfortable in my own skin. I’m alright. I now have self-belief. I’ve learned how to express what’s going on in my head and I now have a better relationship with my family too. At the end of the day I can now decompress my whole mind and ‘de-stress’ from my working day. Thank you for all your help and attention.”

Francis, Birmingham

“I know that we have only done a few sessions, but I can honestly say they have had a massive impact in my life. I feel the happiest I have been in my years. My marriage feels like when we first met, work is more balanced and even my ‘fur baby’ seems happier now that I’ve relaxed. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my family. You are the first therapist that I have seen that has given me ‘tools’ to deal with life. I would certainly recommend your services to others.”

Kathy, Cotswolds

“I came to David’s practice in Cheltenham in order to try and reduce the symptoms of IBS I had been suffering for nearly two years. Having read some online articles recommending him I decided to give it a go especially after not benefiting from various different medications that I’d tried. After three sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I have noticed a massive change and the symptoms which were impacting on daily life multiple times a day are reduced to infrequent occasions.
I can not recommend David enough to anyone who has IBS or anxiety related issues. He is very quick to learn about what works best for you and I was shocked at the improvements I made in a short period of time. He is also very quick to make you feel at ease and I’m really happy I made the decision to try it out – speaking as someone that would have been sceptical about his method of treatment previously but after a lack of results from medication I became more open and would now use this for other situations in the future…”

Nev, Bristol

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“After suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for 12 years I finally got in contact with David seeking help. From my very first session I felt at ease and gained a greater understanding of my anxiety and learned my first technique in helping me regain control of it. In the following sessions we continued to build on the previous sessions success and I gained other techniques to help. For somebody like me who from the outset was dead against the route of medication, this was the perfect method to take control. The greatest compliment I can give David is that with his help for the first time in 12 years I’m no longer enduring life, but instead I’m excited about what the future holds. This is something that at my lowest, which was basically house bound seemed impossible. I would encourage anybody going through something similar to simply get in contact and give it a go, I’m confident that he can help change your lives for the better as well. Thanks again David.”

Jonathan, Birmingham


“Hi David, I saw you a few weeks ago about my anxiety and claustrophobia. I wanted to thank you so much for everything you taught me and the exercises we went through together. I got on the plane to Poland and didn’t take a diazepam! It’s the first time in years that I’ve got on a plane and not had to take it! I applied the techniques and sequences and felt calm. I honestly can’t thank you enough!!!!”

Katharine, Essex


“Hi David,  just a note to say that I had the wedding yesterday and my speech went really, really well. I remembered our lessons and everyone was saying how good it was and how confident I was. So again, thank you so much for all your help.”

G.W. Glos.

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‘Hi David, I got an even better offer to study Ecology and Conservation Biology at a leading northern university. I start in September!
So, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ so much for all the help you gave me during my exams…’

Eve, The Cotswolds

‘After completely failing and falling apart in my first military interview through lack of confidence and being nervous I gave David a call. After only a few sessions I had the techniques and confidence to succeed on my second attempt. I passed the interview and even the interviewer commented on how much I had changed. The techniques, knowledge and advice from David didn’t just help in the interview but improved my confidence and me as a person in all aspects of life.
Highly recommended and I can’t thank him enough.’       .

Gary, Gloucester

‘I was regularly smoking 20+ cigarettes per day before I saw you a while back for a stop smoking session. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you. I’ve not had a single cigarette and I feel so much better. You really have changed my life. Thank you.’

Jeff, Birmingham

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‘My parents were the ones who got in contact with David initially as they noticed I wasn’t being myself for the last few months. I really needed to speak to someone about my depression/anxiety and my IBS. David got in contact and we arranged the sessions. The first session was a revelation – it was great to speak to someone about my issues. All the things David said to me actually happened, from positive experiences to giving me the tools and techniques to handle various situations. He helped me make positive decisions that have changed my life and I now feel like I can go and enjoy anything I decide to do. Thanks for everything.’

Jamie, Cheltenham.

“David has been working with my 11 year old son for well over a year now as he races motorbikes internationally and we feel it’s important to keep on top of his mental well-being as well as his physical training. David has been such a positive and essential part of my son’s career to date, that I also went to see him for my fear of flying. I cannot emphasise enough the difference this has made to my life as someone who has to fly regularly and my flying experience. I am no longer scared and actually can reassure other passengers! Thank you David we are so grateful to have your support in our lives.”

I.W. Evesham

“I enquired with Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy and NLP Performance Coaching as I wanted to speak to someone about my lack of confidence and self esteem. I initially spoke to David over the phone which was very relaxed and allowed me to make a decision about making an appointment. I made an appointment and from my very first session till the last, the whole experience was not only hugely positive but very successful. David is extremely professional, he coaches techniques that make sense and are so easy to incorporate to your day to day life.  I have never felt more like myself, fueled with knowing I have the ability to take on anything. Thank you David.”

Hayley, Cheltenham

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“The sessions I had with David were extremely helpful in sorting out my work/life balance. It was surprisingly straightforward and his suggestions were easy to apply. If you put in the time doing the ‘homework’ then the good results will follow – at least they did for me! I would recommend David without hesitation.”

Charles, Cheltenham

“Everything went well. I used the techniques and, along with the preparation up to the time, it went very well. Certainly made a difference to me. Funnily enough I was then on a course Thursday – Saturday and the techniques helped me calm my normal panic when talking in a group. So thanks again, you were a huge help”

Chris, Gloucestershire


“I first got in contact with David when I was 22 weeks pregnant and had been having a really rough time of it with sickness and general nausea all of the time. It was my first pregnancy and I was terrified. I had started to feel incredibly anxious also and had been signed off from work. I wasn’t sleeping at night and then being sick and anxious in the day. It sounds dramatic but felt like my body was giving up and that I couldn’t cope for the rest of my pregnancy. I was crying a lot and my hormones were all over the place. I was really struggling to relax so was in a constant state of anxiety.

I’d had hypnotherapy with David before for fear of flying and knew that it would help me. I needed help to gain some acceptance of pregnancy (although it was planned and very much wanted) and it’s symptoms and that I was strong enough to give birth mentally as was my body. David recommended his confident childbirth course and we booked in 4 sessions over the remainder of my pregnancy…

The sessions enabled me to feel prepared for the unexpected. Having not been through it before, I was so worried about the unknown. The sessions also taught me to be accepting of what was going on with my body and that a baby was growing inside of me. David helped me to relax and stay calm and to approach the rest of my pregnancy and my baby’s birth with a positive state of mind. My partner and I had written a birth plan but these sessions helped me to understand that it may not happen in the way I hoped it would in my head. I was prepared for whatever shape my labour would take and understood that my baby needed to be delivered in the safest way possible whatever form that took.

When anyone asks me what my labour was like, I say that it was one of the most positive experiences of my life. It was extremely life affirming and makes you feel proud to be a woman. My beautiful daughter entered the world in a very positive way surrounded by loving family and strong, positive women. It was the best day ever. A treasured day. Despite a very rough pregnancy blighted by extreme sickness, anxiety and depression, Daisy is the love of our lives and makes us so incredibly happy. She has a very sunny soul and is the most joyful little girl.

Thank you David for helping me to enjoy the best experience ever. I might even be tempted to have another baby… 🙂

Nat, Wiltshire

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“Hi David, I would like to say a big thank you. I hit my two year no smoking anniversary two weeks ago. I honestly have not smoked a cigarette and my health is so much better.

Sophie B, Shanghai


“I had felt the effects of anxiety for most of my life and whilst counseling had helped me to understand the causes, I still couldn’t break free of the feelings. I was on constant scanning alert, looking for danger in my life and although I became an expert in hiding it, I finally realised how much it was impacting those close to me as well as myself.

I found David on the internet. David is a lovely, gentle person and I felt at ease quickly, but he challenged my thinking from the word go. I couldn’t believe that I could change as I had been this way for so long, but changing this perception was maybe the biggest hurdle. He combines support and challenge in just the right balance. I had a very pleasant first hypnotherapy session after some time talking and went away thinking that it was nice and relaxing but a bit underwhelming.

However, over the next week or so, profound changes began. I could have stopped after 4 sessions as I felt so different already, but it really felt as if my true self was finally breaking free of all the restrictions anxiety had imprisoned me with, so I continued for another few sessions working on other issues.

It is now 4 months on from my last session and I feel transformed. I finally feel in control of my thoughts and feelings and therefore my life. I still do my hypnotherapy most days for ten minutes or so and David has done himself out of a job! The positive changes are still growing and I will be forever grateful to him.”

Anna, Oxford


“Best experience at the dentist in the last 10 years! Thank you for the techniques. They worked brilliantly!”

R,  Cheltenham.

“Before meeting with David I really struggled to try new flavours. My meals were often fairly bland and I would descend into panic before eating somebody else’s food in case there was something I didn’t like. However, since our session my outlook on trying new food has completely changed. I now see it as something exciting, and positive, and now actively try new foods and flavours. During the session David was calm, clear and and made sure the session was led by me. He quickly helped me form a strategy consisting of small, achievable steps in addition to teaching me a number of mental techniques to help me going forward. Since the session, David has been excellent at checking in with my progress and supporting me with helpful reminders via text – something which I didn’t anticipate but really appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing David. The impact of just one visit on me has been remarkable. I mean every word – my mother can’t believe it when I tell her what I’ve tried!”

Ben, Cheltenham

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“David, my presentation went really well. You were totally right about people noticing an improvement. Quite a few people came up to me afterwards and said how well I had done. Thanks for all your help and support. It really helped.”

Charlotte, Cheltenham

“When I came to speak to David about my weight issues, I felt like I was in a situation that was only going to keep getting worse. Over 6 months, I lost 5 ½ stone with David’s help and encouragement. It wasn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t have done it without the change of attitude that David’s techniques helped me to achieve. He’s shown me a way to stay focused and stay healthy. Thanks again for your help!”

James, Cheltenham

“I found Ethical Minds through a search on the internet of NLP specialists. I had decided to find someone who could help me regain my confidence after being bullied at work and to help with panic attacks. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at the first session but David was very calm and reassuring and helped me identify the cause of my loss of confidence and taught me tools to help with the anxiety. Although my situation at work hasn’t changed, I can control my reactions better and the panic attacks have reduced. David has a friendly and welcoming approach and the tools have been really helpful in dealing with such a difficult time.

Helen, Gloucestershire


“Just to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for all your help over the past few weeks. You have given me the tools in which to deal with my problems and have enabled me to take back control of situations when I felt they were out of my control. I feel much more positive about every aspect of my life. Thank you so much for that.”

Jean, East Cotswold’s


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“I went to see David Crees at Ethical Minds feeling broken; perennially stressed from the pressures of work but with personal issues which meant I experienced considerable anxiety and excessive ruminating: my mind literally hurt and getting out of bed was a struggle.

I remember feeling particularly wary about feeling out of control at the hands of a hypnotherapist. I needn’t have worried. Throughout, David’s attitude was positive yet realistic. Practical strategies that I could practise throughout the week calmed my nerves. They worked alongside sessions during which a growing sense of what I truly valued became clear.

Two years on and I have an MA with distinction. More importantly, I have a real sense of the values that matter to me, as well as the steps to take to achieve my goals rather than simply blithely dreaming about them. I’m more prepared to step outside my comfort zone and to enjoy the consequences. David’s advice doesn’t comprise a barrage of platitudes, he’s realistic and practical, and encouraged me to be too.

I’ve had some stressful times since, but I know how to cope with them. So thank you David, you looked beyond the immediate crisis, brought me closer to who I am and what I really want, not just what I do.”

G, Cheltenham


“I came to see you a couple of weeks ago with sleeping problems and I just wanted to let you know that my sleep is much improved. There has been the odd night where it’s not been so good but on the whole it’s much better. I know it’s still early days but I remain positive that this will continue.  I will continue to work with the method you introduced me to and even last night I woke up and thought I wouldn’t drop back off so I started the process and before I knew it my alarm was going off this morning for me to get up!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might be looking for some help with this issue.”

Maria, Cheltenham


“I don’t know where to begin in thanking you! I really feel like I have come a long way since my first session with you when I felt depressed and anxious about my life. From day one I instantly felt at ease and I left every session feeling strong, positive and capable of change. I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you so, so much.”

Sara, Cheltenham


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“Hopefully this may help certain people who’ll relate. It was about May 2013 when I finally overcame anxiety and panic attacks, most sickening months of my life where you never know what you’re going to do, and it wasn’t until my mum knew and I spoke out about it I could sort things out. It hit me again this summer just gone, but I knew from the techniques I was taught getting over it wasn’t an issue. Took time and money but it was the best I ever spent. Can only thank one man for that, David Crees, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Cheltenham. His company is Ethical Minds. Don’t hesitate for help when it’s there. That blokes a genius.”

Chris Hughes, Gloucestershire  (ITV Love Island) – via Instagram

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“I feel I am in a good place with my ability to cope. Thank you for the help you have given me. It has made a huge difference in my life and to the lives of those around me.”

Matt, Cheltenham..


‘Before I met with David, I was suffering from a crippling case of anxiety in the build up to my final University exams. Not only did David give me the ability to compartmentalize my issue, he also gave me the tools to use positive thinking and relaxation techniques in our sessions, as well as in my day-to-day life. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for David’s help I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. He made it possible for me to gain a first-class degree at a top University, and it has now continued into my working life. Thank you David for your professional, yet caring approach as well as your use of personalisation to help me achieve my goals and more. I couldn’t recommend your services more fervently’.

Danny, South Glos


“I began working with David due to my driving anxieties, in particular driving on motorways and “A” roads. David empowered me with confidence with some excellent relaxation techniques and these enabled me to conquer my fears through the power of positive thought. I can now see a bright future with my driving and David even took a “pro-active” approach and came with me on the motorway! This certainly worked and things are looking up! Thank you once again for your thoughtful, caring and professional approach to my therapy.”

Ian, Cheltenham.

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“Just thought I’d let you know that I had my first big social do last weekend and I didn’t smoke at all!
I’d read my notes from the session each night in the run up to it and I used some of the exercises during the evening and  got through it successfully.  Am confident I’m now smoke free and it feels great! Thanks a lot”.

Lauren, Cheltenham


“I felt bad about everything, especially about myself. I was negative and depressed, I could not find my way out of that. It took only two sessions and my life changed to the right direction. All I have to do now is to keep it that way. Thank you, David, for your help.”

Maria, Cheltenham


“After feeling quite apprehensive about hypnotherapy, David’s professional and therapeutic approach soon made me feel at ease and I came out of each session feeling very relaxed, focused and calm. Gradually over a few weeks the sessions together with his suggested relaxation techniques have enhanced my outlook on life with a renewed sense of clarity.”

Catherine, Gloucester


“I would just like to thank you for all your help and guidance through the past 4 months you have really changed my life and the way I think and approach things. As a sufferer of depression, anxiety and an eating disorder I could never see a way forward and was constantly negative but with the advice and mental exercises David taught me, helped me to always look at the positives in life and focus on what I am going to achieve. David and I always referred back to my progress, how I felt I was doing and what I wanted to achieve from my sessions. To think in such a small amount of time I have come so far and will continue to succeed in my life. I am so glad that I plucked up the courage to see him.”

Sophie-Rose, Gloucester

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“I first approached David in 2009 to help my dyslexic son become more confident in asking for help at school, after a couple of NLP sessions the change was amazing. Jump forward and my son is now 19 years old – he was still a little anxious at times and needed help to undertake a series of interviews to land his dream job and thanks to David he got it! Thanks David, you are a truly inspirational man.”

W.  Cotswolds

“I found when faced with a routine medical procedure which caused me great anxiety (and daunted at the prospect of going through with it) David’s support and coping strategies were invaluable. I was so relieved to be able to go through this procedure knowing because of David’s help I could do it

Trish, Cheltenham


“David was such a great help to me! I really suffered with anxiety and stress which in turn caused me to suffer with my dreaded IBS. After just one session I started to see a way out and used the techniques we practiced.

As a few weeks passed, I started to notice a huge difference not only physically but mentally. I had left my job because my IBS had become so bad. I was determined to get back on the job ladder. David and I went through interview techniques and questions which were so beneficial and YES I got the job. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you David. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Olivia, Swindon

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Client update. “In 2007-8 you worked with me for a number of months to help me manage my anxiety and panic attacks. I was stricken, agoraphobic and wasn’t functioning properly in my job or my life, I couldn’t meet with clients, travel further than walking distance from home or even enjoy a meal out. Since receiving your help I have spoken at global conferences, am happily married to my partner (who I was with at that time) and continue to use the methods you helped me with on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
I still often think about what life would be like now had I not had your help, it’s unimaginable…”

R.M. Gloucestershire


‘After investigating the various options for hypnobirthing, I decided on David’s ‘Confident Childbirth in Cheltenham’ programme as his practical, personal, NLP based, nonsense-free approach really appealed to me. Right from the off I felt more confident & prepared for whatever was ahead. David’s style immediately put me at ease. During our sessions David taught me mind management techniques to remain calm, clear & focused, which proved invaluable. He helped me to realise my labour didn’t have to follow the ideal birth plan in my head & made me feel I could cope with whatever twist & turns it took. My labour ended up being 39 hours, with an ambulance transfer between hospitals mid-way. But far from feeling panicked, I felt completely in control & remarkably calm throughout. I even managed the whole thing without pain relief, just a few puffs of gas & air at the pushing stage. I felt so empowered. The midwives couldn’t believe how together I was!

It was drama free, manageable and an incredible bonding experience with my husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m certain it was preparing for the event with David that made our labour such a relaxed, even enjoyable event. Everyone comments on how chilled out our son is too. I still use the techniques David taught me now, to cope with stressful situations as a new mum. Our time together has proved incredibly beneficial. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!’

Lucy, Cheltenham


“Hi David, I saw you back in April about quitting smoking and I’d really like to thank you. It’s worked brilliantly. Smoking was so central to my lifestyle and now it seems like a distant memory.

Thank you once again for helping me quit smoking – it’s really liberating.”

Sophie, Glos


“Everything went very well. People have told me how good my speech was and the content reduced my daughter and her friends to tears of emotional joy.
Two people came up to me afterwards to ask my advice on their ‘Father of the Bride’ speeches and all our friends have been so complimentary. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the advice on delivery and content. I shall miss our sessions but my great thanks to you for the very friendly help you gave me. I and my family will always be very grateful to you.”

Chris, The Cotswolds

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“Just a note to say I had a fabulous ‘mini- cruise’. I was able to use all the exercises and techniques you
gave me. I felt really prepared for life on board. I was actually amazed at how relaxed I felt on the trip knowing I had all the strategies in place. So, many thanks for all your help.”

Kathy, Gloucestershire”


“I contacted David after I was told at work that I had to do a presentation to external clients and needed help with both the anxiety that I was feeling leading up to the presentation and on the day and also with being able to speak confidently while presenting. Unfortunately, just the thought of this was starting to take over my life and I needed to get the control back. I am so thankful for the practical preparation advice, positive thinking techniques and overall support during my sessions. The presentation went very well and I now feel like I’ve got some powerful techniques under my belt that I can apply to challenging work and life situations in general.”

T, Cheltenham


“I turned to David for help when things were tough.  That was then, and now after a number of sessions, I have come such a long way. I can see clearer and think more positively, which I didn’t realise before would be the key to helping me. He really made me believe that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Seeing David has changed my life for the better and I would recommend him to anyone, for any problem they think they have.”

Lucy, Cheltenham


“A big thank you David for helping me to overcome my claustrophobia.  It has been a life changing experience and has ‘lifted’ many restrictions on the enjoyment of everyday life. Thank you so much!’’

D, Gloucestershire


After nearly a week of really struggling to self inject, (for medical reasons), I decided to contact David for help. I am so glad that I did and his help was invaluable to me. It gave me the confidence I needed and enabled me to complete the remainder of my 28 days of injections and stay at home, without further problems!”

Sarah, Cheltenham

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“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for your help and time with the Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing course. When I found out I was pregnant I was excited but scared at the same time, as I had no control of how the pregnancy and delivery would go. I had heard and read about hypnobirthing and decided to attend ‘one to one’ hypnobirthing classes with you to help me through my journey.

During the four sessions you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I appreciated that each session was tailored to suit my needs and to make me feel positive and prepared for what was ahead, however it would go. I learned many techniques to make me feel calm and have a positive birthing experience. Thank you also for producing my bespoke CD that I used between sessions at home which I found very useful and would definitely recommend to others. The more practice I did with the CD, the more confident I became that I could have a good labour experience.”

My Birth Story:

“I started to have pains at around 2pm on 12 November and they got more frequent around 10pm. I managed to stay at home until 4.00am whilst managing the pain with the techniques David taught me. I used a lavender spray and breathing techniques to manage the process of early labour. I believe that this was because I was able to generate positive thoughts/emotions which enabled me to stay in control and guide my own labour. Ultimately, David had given me confidence that, whatever my labour would entail, I could face it, manage the control of pain and emotion and overcome it. My baby girl arrived later that morning at 11.00am in the birth pool at Cheltenham Birth Centre with only the aid of my hypnobirthing, gas and air and lavender essential oil. I was able to go home that evening and the next day I was out and about I with my baby. I strongly believe that this success story was mainly down to my hypnobirthing experience and techniques.”

Amy, Cheltenham..  Nancy Rose was born on 13.11.2014


‘David helped me to begin to trust myself again, after a bad car accident, where I was a passenger, when I was 19 years old. After I had largely healed physically, my confidence was still in shreds. Daily life overwhelmed me and I couldn’t even make a phone call. I was 21 years old.

Over some months I saw David regularly. He helped me to understand and accept myself and what had happened to me, and I have gained so much insight and self knowledge. David gave me ingenious structures and techniques to help me deal with life, my confusion, ‘overwhelm’, fears and my lack of confidence. He never rushed me, or pressured any method of working upon me which I wasn’t happy with. He always let me take the lead and I saw results. David was quickly able to identify the techniques that suited my mind. If something wasn’t working for me he always found another way. I trust him completely.

So much of my confidence and my trust in life has returned to me. I am now 22 years old, I have moved out from home and I am now living and working in London. I am planning to continue with my studies in 2015.

At last my life is soaring again. This is thanks to David. I am so eternally grateful to him.’

Ana,  Gloucestershire

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“Just a note to say a very big thank you for all your help in giving me the tools to help me deal with my social anxiety. I was a little apprehensive in coming to see you, not having sort help before. But your calm and professional manner put me at ease immediately and I came away feeling empowered and very confident. As I told you, I had been struggling with panic attacks in social situations for a very long time and it had reached a point where it was controlling my life and the decisions I made, with the knock on effect of making me feel quite depressed and unable to cope. However, thanks to you I now have some very effective techniques, I know can use at any time to regain control of my reactions. I can’t say what a tremendous help you have been. I feel able to deal with most situations now that I would have run a mile from just a month ago! Thank you again and should I have any challenges in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to see you and indeed I would highly recommend you to anyone with similar issues.”

Emma, Florida, USA


“I contacted David about 3 weeks before my wedding day. Despite already having my groom’s speech written and almost learned off by heart, the thought of having to stand up and deliver it was making me feel incredibly anxious. Even the thought of it would make my heart start racing! I found David’s website, read the other reviews and thought perfect, this has got to be worth a go! I left the first session feeling significantly more relaxed about it, and also with some focus on what I was going to do to help myself. After my final session, I really felt ready for it. On the big day, I really surprised myself at how calm I was feeling. The nerves stayed under control, and I was able to deliver my speech exactly as I’d wanted to, and there was laughter in all of the right places. I received lots of positive comments afterwards.
I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is in a similar situation that I was to get in contact with David.

Alex, Cheltenham

“David, I just wanted to say thank you for your help in building my confidence to go to Germany. Despite some initial nerves beforehand I used the techniques you taught me and I used them to travel. It was liberating! I intend to keep the momentum going! So thank you again”

Helen, Gloucester

“Having worked at the same company for over 10 years, I became deeply unhappy and sought to change my job, however, the thought of leaving and going through the interview process once again was incredibly daunting. I went to my first interview feeling reasonably positive, the interview went pretty well but I was overcome by nerves, which took me by surprise, and was a very unnerving experience; although I personally didn’t feel the interview went as well as I had hoped (mainly because my nerves prevented me from communicating my skills and attributes) I still managed to get a second interview. By this stage though having had such a daunting experience in the first interview, I was almost at the point where I was so nervous about the second I would have preferred to let my dream job pass me by and not attend! David had helped me in the past to successfully stop smoking, so in my hour of need I thought it was a good idea to call upon his services again… Through good sound practical advice & hypnosis I managed to pick up the skills which completely turned my anxieties around, so that in the end I left the second interview almost wishing it would have lasted longer and came out feeling on a complete high, I got the Job… am absolutely loving the work, new environment, new challenge; and without sounding cliché the fresh start has changed my life for the better and I am a much much happier person!! Thank you David for once again giving me the support, knowledge and tools to make a change which has massively improved my quality of life…”

Jolene, Gloucestershire

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“On approaching Ethical minds, with a little apprehension , I met David Crees. At the time I had problems traveling distances, my confidence was at an all-time low and I had retreated in to a monotonous lifestyle where I never strayed far from home. In David, I found an extremely professional and likeable character who quickly makes you feel very comfortable in your new surroundings. After speaking to him I found his positive attitude very infectious he gave me a new self-belief that I was sadly lacking. He has a very honest approach and I felt that every time we met it was an opportunity to learn and to understand the issues that I was encountering. Since working with David at Ethical Minds I have had the new experience of visiting a Premiership football match which meant 2-3 hours of traveling. I also visit a social club weekly and have tickets for two music events. Would I recommend him…… yes! I truly believe when I visited Ethical Minds I invested in my future.”

Neil, Gloucester

“Thank you for seeing me back in December and for the support you gave me to help overcome my fear of flying. My sessions with you made an enormous difference to my flights in February which resulted in a whole new experience for me. I used the techniques we discussed and practiced in the sessions and I was totally relaxed throughout both flights. For me, I think a combination of desire for change, putting my trust and confidence in you and taking on-board everything you said along with the relaxation techniques has worked wonders. Thank you so much…”

Karen, Cheltenham

“David, Yesterday was an incredible day at the London Marathon 2014, the crowds and live music and atmosphere was amazing! The first half went pretty quickly as I was taking in everything around me and my pace was consistent. The second half was tough and I was sick 3 times. However although physically I could not keep up the pace, at no point did I ever give up or despair, I kept pushing on and your session was incredibly helpful, I really managed to focus … thank you so much for all your help.

I was so chuffed to get to over that finish line!”

Jenny, Nairobi, Kenya


“Just thought I’d let you know that I was very calm on the outward and return flight, didn’t feel that the plane was going to fall out of the sky at any moment, and coped well with the bumpy bits which admittedly weren’t too bad. I even found myself thinking I might make New Zealand again!
I have definitely detected a shift in my thinking and am able to be more rational about the whole thing. I shall keep thinking positively!
Thanks for helping me”

Brenda, Cheltenham

“I would like to say thank you for helping me overcome the issues that I had within my personal and working life. The way you unpicked my tangled thoughts and emotions towards anger and behavior was quite simply astounding. Using your practical and interactive methods along with un-biast but very sound advice allowed me to re-focus and see things more clearly and has been of great use to me. The professional way you conduct your sessions is a great credit to you. You made me feel completely relaxed and able to open up with issues that seemed nothing to me but were effecting others around me. I can honestly say that with the journey you took me on I have become a far more relaxed and my outlook on situations has significantly changed. Should I experience challenging times in the future I would without hesitation be back to see you. Once again thank you for your help.”

Matt, Gloucester.

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“Hi David, I’m sure you’ll remember that you saw my son for 3 or 4 sessions a few months ago. I did promise to email you so you could maybe use it on your website. Sorry for the delay, but I was waiting to see if the effects were long term. They were!!!

I would like to thank you for the way you helped my son overcome his anxieties towards school. His issues in this area not only greatly affected his own happiness, but was also making general family life between us all rather challenging. After just a handful of sessions with you I am delighted to be able to let you know that he really took on board the coping strategies you taught him, and he’s hardly recognisable as that teenager with so many worries and so much angst. His anxieties have practically disappeared, and as a result of this his school grades have absolutely rocketed. He is now much more relaxed, able to cope with situations that previously  would have been a big issue for him, and most importantly he is back to his old happy, contented and relaxed self, with those carefree silly moments of fun that had been missing for a good couple of years now returned.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your support. I would highly recommend your services to anybody with similar issues.”

Susannah, Gloucestershire

“David, just a quick email to say a massive thank you for all your help and support, both during the sessions, and the texts you sent me! The flight home went even better than the flight there.! I was so relaxed I almost dozed off! I feel so much more confident about flying, and thanks to you, I now know techniques that I can use to regain control of my reactions. I would happily recommend you to anyone facing a stressful situation! Many thanks once again.

L. Stroud, Glos


“I contacted David at Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham, England in desperate need of help with public speaking. I had recently developed an extreme anxiety before making presentations at work in New York.  He took time to understand the type of person I am and how best to work with me. With a ‘Best man’ speech fast approaching I had to tackle the issue head on. David did much more than hypnosis alone, he got me to visualise my presentations/speeches in a specific way. He also got me to perform and present to him using a variety of  bespoke techniques. It helped me understand  what makes an effective presentation.

The results were incredible. As soon as I’d left David I felt confident and almost excited for the next opportunity to speak in public. When the ‘Best man’ speech came along I was at ease, confident and had no nerves whatsoever. David’s work is really quite remarkable and I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done.
T. James.  New York, USA


“As a result of the sessions I’m much more positive. The sessions helped me relax – something which I couldn’t easily do before. For me to relax was a challenge at first but with David’s help and attention to detail – I turned things around quickly. I’m now thinking more logically and have a lot more confidence in my own abilities. I understand myself more and I’m focusing on the things that really matter…”

James, The Cotswolds

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“I now feel more empowered at work meetings. Before I came to the sessions,  I was really getting worked up about  meetings and contributing to them. I felt embarrassed and I could feel myself  blushing.  To be honest,  it wasn’t easy at first to put the techniques into practice. However, once I’d used David’s techniques and experienced the results,  I gained confidence and knowledge and I knew this was a smart way to beat my fears. Now, after working with him, I go to meetings with confidence and know I can,  and do,  contribute positively. My thanks must go to David  for all his help and support and I would happily recommend his way of working to others.”

Kevin. Glasgow


“David, Well, a big, big thank you to you as I have only gone and done it. I’ve dealt with my ‘medical phobia’ and been to the doctor’s and got things sorted. I did exactly as we discussed and got up this morning, made the appointment to see the GP and came out with my prescription. Yes, well done to me –  but more so, a big thank you to you.  Who’d of thought at the beginning of this week I would have achieved this, couldn’t have done this without you, and of course my patient husband.”

Margaret. Drotwich

“Thank you so much for helping me deal with my anxiety issues. It’s great  to work with someone who is so  practical and so positive!

Jenny. Glos.


“I felt like I could not control my thinking, I was blocked with anxiety. David gave me a range of techniques which not only helped me prepare but also keep calm on the day of my interview and I got the job. I will continue to use these techniques in life …”

J, Bromsgrove


“I just wanted to let you know that our son is now sleeping really well in his own bed. He sleeps in his bed and we in ours. Since it has all evolved…there is no fuss around bedtime nowadays and he is sleeping through the night and he seems to be having a sound sleep, hardly no nightmares/dreams waking him up… and needless to say he is a ‘happy- chappy’ in the mornings and we are sooo pleased and relieved.

Thank you very much David for your support and help.”

T, Cheltenham

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“I’ve been having problems communicating with people for a few years now, where I wouldn’t be able to talk to certain people on a given day, yet the following day I would be able to. It  would happen when I had  issues with work colleagues, friends and family. I wasn’t sure whether a speech therapist would be the best route so looked into alternate therapies. Contacting David and setting up the first session was really easy. He makes it a comfortable and relaxing experience whilst working with you. After two sessions I can honestly say its transformed how I am around people. I can communicate with relative ease. Some days there will be hard points but following David’s tips and guidance these are quickly negated. I wasn’t sure about hypnotherapy and whether it works or not. After seeing the results I would recommend it, along with David.”

Scott, Tewkesbury


“The ‘Confident Childbirth’ sessions at Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham were brilliant. Each session, right from the start, filled me with confidence and positive thoughts about the birthing experience. The sessions reassured me and gave me focus and a clear plan so that I could envisage the birth from beginning to end and they made me feel calm and relaxed about the whole thing. David was great and I felt comfortable with him. It’s definitely worth trying …”

Anastasia, Swindon.


“David my utmost thanks to you for everything in helping me overcome my post traumatic stress, anxiety and ongoing battle with insomnia. I I thought there was no way out from me over the many years of alternative therapies. You seemingly effortlessly opened a door for me to walk through. I am forever grateful to you for this. For 12 years of battling through a nightmare to now living the dream is the only way I can describe my experience of your help. All in such a small space in time astounds me too. The life I am heading towards now is priceless and so is your work. One word of Latin describes your work for me, ‘credibilis’ “worthy of belief”. Thank you so very much.”
Rob, Cardiff

Rob, Cardiff.

“David, I would like to express my gratitude for your good work in helping me
overcome my fears. It’s an amazing job, to put all my pieces together and back on track in the right direction. My deepest thanks to you.”

Mary, Tetbury.

“David,  I write to let you know about my continued progress. I came to see you earlier this year for help to stop smoking and it has been an absolute success!  Five months on and I’m still chuckling about my nemesis that helped me quit smoking. Thank you once again for all your help.

Jessica, Gloucester.

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“I knew I needed help when my reaction to stress and dealing with family problems resulted in me taking just that one glass of wine to help, as I thought, calm my nerves. That one glass usually led to a binge and made my problems a whole lot worse. Not to mention the effect on my health, relationships and other areas in my life.  

David gave me the tools and the confidence to deal with life’s situations in a different and healthy way. He helped me identify my own strengths and the coping strategies that work for me.  I have put these strategies in place in my life and they definitely work. I feel so much more confident and relaxed both in my normal day to day life and dealing with any problems life throws at me. I also found the hypnotherapy element to our sessions a very relaxing and positive experience.  

I will be going back to see David from time to time just as a reminder and reinforcement of what I need to do to take care of myself but also because I find the sessions and the hypnotherapy to be extremely relaxing…”

Rosemary, Cirencester.


“I came to David knowing that NLP can be very effective when I was in a very poor emotional state due to work related stress, and worked with him following a bespoke series of sessions.  David helped me identify what I really wanted rather than what I initially thought I wanted; he employed his unique blend of NLP and hypnotherapy and helped me cope on a day to day basis as well as moving towards my long term goals.  From the first session my colleagues and family noticed a marked difference in my mood and ability to cope with difficulties when they arose. Unlike some other practitioners David’s approach does not result in dependency, rather it has provided me with a greater feeling of independence and confidence in my own ability. Now, 5 months later, I have achieved every one of my 10 aspirations with relative ease and will be returning to David later in the year as I know he will help me achieve even greater levels of happiness and success.”

Polly, Cheltenham.


“I am dropping you a few lines to say a huge thank you. I am so grateful for what you have done for me. I came to you with self esteem problems and also a difficulty in achieving full satisfaction whilst making love with my partner. You were able to tap into how I visualise things and use that to tailor the sessions to enable me to get the maximum benefit from them. I found all of our sessions rewarding. You indicated to me that the sessions would only go on as long as was completely necessary, that was certainly the case. I am still making progress and am very happy so far.”

‘K’ Gloucestershire.


“David, I write to update you on my flight to America. As you must have gathered, I got there and back in one piece! I had a great time and am so pleased I went. I managed well on the flight out, felt a bit jittery on take-off  but I was really in control. I could also hear your voice telling me to be confident and strong. By the time it came to the return flight, I wasn’t really thinking about it at all … I just wanted to get home and the plane was just the means of getting there. So David, a massive thank you to you for all your help and support and you will pleased to know I am now planning to go and visit my brother in New Zealand at some stage which was something I couldn’t even contemplate before. The world is now my oyster!”

Rosalind, Cheltenham.


“David,  Just a note to say thanks for the help and encouragement you gave me over our four sessions. I have always found public speaking difficult and our sessions helped me recognize and deal with my anxiety. Your approach was pragmatic and considered. I am no longer spending my professional life avoiding public speaking.Thank you.” 

Harriet, Cheltenham.
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“From the age of fourteen I suffered with Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). In my later teens I began to realise that it had become a real problem. It wasn’t just ‘hair twiddling’. I decided to approach my doctor for advice. As it is quite a rare condition and isn’t widely recognised, she suspected it was stress / anxiety related. She recommended counseling. I pursued this for a few months and to little avail. Consequently so the problem persisted for several more years to come. I had heard that hypnotherapy was an effective method for resolving this type of habit. At 24, I realised I didn’t want to take it any further into my adult life. I discovered David’s website and decided to contact him at his Hypnotherapy practice in Cheltenham to try and overcome my unwanted habits.

I have had just two sessions with David. Even after the first I was amazed to discover that, after 10 years, I wasn’t pulling my hair anymore. At all. Not only that but if my hands (now very rarely) go to do so, I am completely able to stop it. A real breakthrough. David has enabled me to fix the problem, and to feel more confident and positive about the future. I can’t thank him enough!”
Sofia, Gloucester

“I’m so pleased to say that I have completely stopped biting my nails – so a huge success. Neither I or my family can quite believe it! A huge thank you to you. I’m currently very close to finishing my course at University and all work is going well.”

Rosie B. Windermere, Cumbria.”


“David, It’s nearly two and half years ago since I came to see you for help to give up smoking. I’m pleased to tell you that after all this time I still haven’t had a cigarette, in fact I don’t even think about them any more, it’s almost as if I never smoked in the first place – great!!”

Jo , Cheltenham.”


“I was feeling quite low before going to see David. I was focusing on all the negative aspects to life and having trouble identifying the positives. I also was suffering from very low self worth. David created a warm and safe environment where I was able to be open and honest about my feelings. The combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques he uses and teaches can be used outside of his office and daily to continue to affirm positive thinking. I would highly recommend David and his practice to anyone that feels they need a boost or have hit one of the many bumps life throws at us.”

Stella R. Oxford.


“Before I came to see David Crees at Ethical Minds Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham I was terrified at the thought of public speaking and would do everything to avoid it. Even from the first session I could feel my confidence start to grow and I had set my sights on the final goal. I found the sessions very relaxed but very professional and at the same time was also made aware that David was only a phone call away. Each session felt like a big step further forward. I now feel more confident in many more aspects in my life i.e. not just public speaking. I would never have thought I could have done it before going to see David. Thank you very much for everything.”

Guy, Gloucester

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“It’s as if a weight has definitely been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve learned how to look at things differently and now choose to use a positive perspective. I now have a rejuvenated confidence level within myself and in life in general. The anchor that was holding me back has been cut away…”

Glen, Cheltenham


“Before visiting David I had an interview to study at a top university. I came away feeling extremely frustrated that nerves had stopped me from performing at my best and expected my application to be turned down. Instead I was called back for a second interview, but I felt concerned that the same would happen again. I had just one session with David, in which he built up my confidence to a level where I felt optimistic about the interview. I got through the interview feeling much more positive and ended up receiving an offer the following week. Thank you David for your help.”

‘Stu’, Cheltenham.


“I know my sessions with you at Ethical Minds helped me with a number of things. You made me realise I wasn’t switching off from work when I got home and I didn’t realize or want to accept that before. Since the last session I have been able to consciously switch off and be there for my family. I don’t go off the handle for silly things because I’m more aware now about my priorities. I’m also aware of what I have achieved, and being proud of that. I think I could work on my confidence, in order to progress further in my career. It’s a very male dominant work place so not sure I can do anything about alpha males and their egos!  Although since the session I do see myself as being experienced and of value in the office and have voiced this recently when some of my male work colleagues started ruffling their feathers.

All in all, I am happier, I am a nicer person to people at work and especially at home and I’m nicer to me! Thank you for your help.”

Julie, Cirencester.


“Before visiting David I had suffered from some stress and a build up of anger over the last couple of years, I found that with the pressures of work and driving being a big part of my job that the smallest of thing would wind me up which started to affect my life. I had thought about therapy for some time but didn’t see group therapy for me, after talking with my wife she found Ethical Minds. I called David and I instantly found David extremely easy to talk to about my situation, he showed great understanding and made me feel at ease with the process of therapy.  After my first session with David I felt that the session was tailored to me and not just a scripted session, this was confirmed with subsequent sessions. Through out my time with David I always felt comfortable to talk about my feelings and with the ideas he suggested. After using the techniques that David has taught me I now feel much more positive and able to deal with the stress’s of life along with today’s driving conditions, my home and work life have improved a lot and continue to do so the more I practice.

 I cannot thank David enough for all his help, he has helped me turn my life around and I would not hesitate to contact him in the future if I felt the need to or recommend his services to others…”

Ian, Tetbury.

“A Parent’s View :  How do you help a 14 year old boy who has become insular, lacks confidence and finds school life stressful? Like a lot of parents I would do anything to help my son, the problem being I didn’t really know how to reach him and unlock the potential I could see. Anything I did, only seemed to irritate the situation further.

This being a key stage in my son’s development as an individual and I recognised we needed a little help to move forward.  After reading about David Crees and his approach on the Ethical Minds website, my son and I decided to book an appointment. I didn’t want my son to change I just wanted him to have the confidence to be the person I knew he could be. Since our visits the change in his attitude has been remarkable, he went from the boy who wouldn’t contribute in class to achieving an ‘A’ grade in public speaking … and that’s after just 3 sessions. We can’t thank David enough and I am living with a more content teenager…”

Dawn, Gloucestershire.

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“Going to Ethical Minds has been a great help for me within my life. I originally went to see David to help with my binge eating at weekends. After the first session I felt that David had really helped me – he made me so much calmer and also realise that it wasn’t actually binge eating that was the problem in my life, it was more about anxiety and that the priorities in my life were all wrong. By the end of my third and final session I felt back in control of my life and my priorities had all changed. I felt so much calmer and happier as a person.

The atmosphere at Ethical Minds also made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I use a lot of the skills that David taught me in everyday situations and this has now helped me to become a much happier and stronger person. I can say David has helped me for the future and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a bit of help in their life.”

E.C.  Cirencester


“I had been through a break up and for a while afterwards was struggling with my thoughts and feelings. I visited a friend and once I had explained to them how I was feeling they recommended David. I needed to take action so I booked myself in to see David as soon as I could. When I woke up, the day after my first session I felt better than I had been for weeks previously and I was starting to think more positively. I had a couple more sessions with David after each of which I felt more positive and happy…

I can honestly say that without David’s help I would have found it much harder to get through that difficult period in my life. Thanks David.”

Paul. Swindon.


“I saw David at the beginning of the summer. I was dreading my family holiday due to my irrational phobia of sharks (Selachophobia). Since I’ve seen David I really feel, and my family and friends have noticed too, that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. I managed to go on a small boat and even jump off the rocks into the sea! (which I wouldn’t have gone near before). I no longer have recurring nightmares and feel I can manage my phobia. I wouldn’t say I’m not scared any more, I never expected that, but what is important to me is that now I’M in control…”

Cicely, Cheltenham.


“David, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your ‘priceless’ help which led me to overcome my motorway driving phobia. There is no stopping me now. I am now driving all over the UK and business is expanding. Thank you for all the life-changing help. It has made such a real difference…”

Jeanette, Gloucester.


“Now that I’m positive – good things happen. I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m more confident and feel that I can achieve so much more…”

Georgina. Cheltenham


“I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know what a difference you made. I passed my exams comfortably and was offered a job shortly afterwards. My coaching career is taking off very quickly and I’m playing well. I won a pro-am last week. I was in a horrible place when I saw you. Life is now good and I’m bringing a positive attitude to every pupil I see… It’s a good feeling. You helped me see life differently and for that I thank you.”

‘L’ . Gloucestershire

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“I contacted David within the run up to my wedding, there was about a month to go to the ‘Big Day’ and I was getting increasingly uneasy about the prospect of delivering my groom’s speech to a large group of people. Public speaking had always bothered me and was something I actively avoided since school days, going cold at the very prospect. However, I was determined that this feeling would not spoil the most important day of my life or the build up to it, and so I took the decision to take some positive action and so took the step to contact Ethical Minds.

After the first very session and following some of David’s advice and ‘seemingly simple’ exercises, the feeling of unease all but disappeared and we were left to maintain this and build on other practical skills during a few subsequent sessions.

David is an extremely trustworthy and affable individual and brings an unprecedented ease to the proceedings. Through his great knowledge and experience he is able to tailor the remedial course completely around the individual, thus providing a significant advantage over alternative, ‘one size fits all’ approaches offered by some other practitioners.

So effective was David’s advice and treatment that when the Big Day came I was able to fully enjoy what was the happiest day of my life, delivering the speech in a relaxed and confident manner which still draws many extremely complimentary comments even now, some weeks later, with several saying it was genuinely one of the best they had seen and heard. Without David’s help I know that I would have been unable to unlock this potential and I cannot recommend his service highly enough to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Neil, Cheltenham


“Thank you very much for helping my family and me, and putting everything back to place in my life. It has all become much more controlled and easier. The techniques you have shown me have been working well. I honestly, really appreciate what you have done for all of us. I would recommend you to any children like me, who start off confused, but now I am feeling fine and I’m sure I understand…. you are the most helpful person I know.”

Lizzy, (12yrs.). The Cotswolds.


“I felt more positive immediately and the constant negative thoughts I once had just washed away. Within a few days I started my fitness goals that I had originally procrastinated on for 6 months this in turn increased my body confidence. I even entered my first 10k run. Thank you so much for helping me to feel better, fitter and thinner!”

Ameena, Cheltenham.


“David was extremely helpful in making me re-think the way I was looking at myself and the world around me. He helped me to reduce my anxiety in social situations. You could tell he genuinely wanted to help. The techniques he taught me have made such a huge difference in my life and I can use them whenever I need to. I would highly recommend David.”

Chris, Cheltenham.


“A very positive experience which helped me achieve my goals. I know the sessions got me geared up to feel good and confident in myself and I progressed quicker than I thought I would. Thanks.”

Mark, Cheltenham.

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“I used the techniques that David and I discussed during my sessions and they definitely made a real mental and physical difference. I now feel that I can tackle challenging situations with confidence and far better than before. The work we did together has put a lot of things into perspective for me. I now have more structure in my life and  take pride in what I have achieved. Definitely time and resources well spent … 100% positive.”

John, Nailsworth.


“A friend recommended I visit David Crees at Ethical Minds following the breakdown of my relationship.  At a time when my confidence was shattered and I was a ball of self-doubt, David helped me to understand not all was lost and showed me how to rationalise my thoughts and feelings. David made me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured. I always feel like I walk out of David’s room feeling inches taller than when I walked in…’

Anna, The Cotswolds.


“I have been applying for teaching courses since I left University five years ago. Although I made it through to the interview stage a few times, unfortunately my nerves got the better of me and I never progressed any further. Due to the nature of the application process, it meant that each unsuccessful attempt saw another year pass by and although I didn’t want to give up on my dream of becoming a teacher, I couldn’t keep putting my life on hold. I decided enough was enough and contacted David Crees at Ethical Minds. I explained that I wanted to become more confident as this would benefit me in the interview procedure. David talked me through interview techniques and tips which would prepare me for the day and also provided me with a list of common questions that interviewers could potentially ask. I found this helped to put my mind at ease as the steps were simple and easy to follow and were achievable and relevant to my kinaesthetic learning style.

I contacted David again as part of my interview required me to do a ten minute presentation to the interview panel. Although I hadn’t finalised what I was going to say, David encouraged me to go through what I could remember and then helped me to structure my presentation and highlight the main points that I wanted to make. This made it so much easier for me to remember, as before I tended to panic under pressure, but we practised key techniques so that I could recite my presentation backwards and forwards! Whilst also building up my confidence levels, David tried to replicate what the interview would entail, so that I could be as prepared as possible and take the presentation in my stride.

I am pleased to report that my interview was a success and I start my course later this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for all his help, tips, techniques and support in order to prepare me thoroughly for my interview. I strongly recommend David to anybody else who is in a similar situation.”

Catherine, Tetbury.


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“I can now believe that I’ve done a massive U turn from where I was – to where I am now. Everything is different. Life is good, fun and easier too. Thank you.”

Caroline, Oxford.


“I was quite apprehensive about seeing David as I have had counseling in the past that hadn’t helped. However, with David, it was different. He made me feel very relaxed and ‘important’ from the word go. David is very enthusiastic about his work and his passion definitely lies with the ‘client’ and helping you achieve your goals. David’s approach differs from the councillors I have seen in the past. He helps clients focus on the ‘here and now’ and helps set the foundations for you to take ownership of your future. He aims to help you to do this in the shortest time possible. It was amazing that in 5 weeks I achieved what I have been trying to achieve for many years!  David is a very nice gentleman and I would recommend him. The atmosphere in his consultation room is a very relaxed and calming one too. Thankfully, I can now look to my future, rather than focusing on the past…’

L.Higgins, Cheltenham.


“I am so pleased that I had the privilege of hearing David speak at an event a few years ago at which he gave an insight to the types of work he does and the situations that he helps people to deal with or overcome.  So, when my son recently developed  anxiety issues and had episodes of panic attacks,  the doctor just wanted to prescribe tablets. My first thought was to ask David if he could help.  Silly question really, of course he could! I am delighted to say that the tablets were never taken and my son is now feeling much more in control and has already managed to calm himself and recover his composure during a “wobble” and  all that after just  4 visits with David.  We will definitely recommend David Crees at Ethical Minds as and when we can.”

Annabelle, Worcester.


“When you’re running a business it is essential that you make effective use of your time and utilise your own skill sets to maximum effect. These are tough times and it is crucial to get ahead of the competition. Marking time is not an option. Before my sessions with David I ‘thought’ I knew what was important with respect to my business and work/ life balance. Following the sessions I now know clearly what is ‘actually’ important. There is a difference. I’m now operating in a more refined, targeted way that will bring me the results I require and deserve. I now drive and review the schedule that I constructed in a way that I am comfortable with and that’s a great relief. Many thanks to David for helping me clear my thoughts and re-balance my focus.”

Andrew, Tewkesbury.


“Before I came to see David I was having regular panic attacks which were really upsetting me. I was becoming more and more anxious. I couldn’t understand why it was happening to me. From the very first session David helped me regain control of my thoughts and feelings. This was a real comfort to me. Over a series of sessions and with David’s guidance I discovered that I could control the panic attacks quickly and easily and this gave me great confidence. I’m just so pleased that life’s now back to normal. If you are where I was – then talk to David he could help you too…”

Mike, Stroud.

“Thank you for the work you did with my son.  When I brought him to see you, he was a deeply upset little boy who was suffering emotionally from our marriage breakdown.  After one hour with you, he walked out feeling 10 feet tall and with a smile from ear to ear.  The special toolkit you gave him has done wonders for his confidence and always helps him to get back to a positive place when he feels any emotional challenges. In his words “I was upset, but David helped by talking to me about different things that I could do to make me feel not upset any more. To anyone who is considering using David to support their children: David tuned straight into my eight year old son, and his special positive way of dealing with children has helped my son immensely.  It only took one session to transform his thinking with immediate effect and a second session to check the right buttons were pressed.  David’s ability to focus on the solutions and not the problems means the results are immediate.”

J and K Gloucestershire

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