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Controlling general anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety and social anxiety for many would seem to be an impossibility. Unwanted behaviour patterns disrupt their life style. David’s innovative approach at the Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic could hold the smart, refreshing answers you’re searching for in a ‘one to one’ private setting.

The Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic provides a confidential and caring service which seeks to address your specific needs in first class surroundings.

In September 2015,  a pilot study published in the Mental Health Review Journal recorded that, using 118 cases measuring the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety. 71% considered themselves recovered after an average of 4 sessions. This compared to an average of 42% for other approaches using the same measures (like CBT).


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Episodes of anxiety and panic attacks can occur at any time. Common examples that clients mention are ‘…whilst walking alone through a busy place’, ‘…meeting people in a busy environment’, or ‘…when driving alone and or driving on motorways’ and ‘at work with work colleagues…’

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a fear of social situations. It can include worrying about meeting strangers, how to interact appropriately with groups of friends and generally feeling overly self-conscious.

Social anxiety can make everyday life extremely difficult and can manifest physically by causing sweating, palpitations or panic attacks.

Varying levels of anxiety are part of everyday modern living and many of us know what it feels like to be anxious about a forthcoming event where you and / or your efforts are the centre of attention. Anxiety levels may also be predictably raised when individuals have to deliver an important speech at a social occasion or are required to present professionally and effectively to a group of work colleagues or clients.

These heightened and sometimes overpowering feelings have a substantial negative impact on one’s quality of life. Individuals become ‘anxious about being anxious’ and so for them this challenging circle of behaviour self perpetuates. In effect, they lock themselves into a negative pattern of unwanted behaviour – and they become ‘good’ at it…

For some people, these unwanted feelings of anxiety and panic also emerge unexpectedly. They are very intense, often debilitating and  seem to occur more and more regularly. These episodes are often connected with specific situations and environments in which they find themselves in. How much more are you prepared to experience?AnxietyIt doesn’t have to be like this and there is an answer…

Client experiences overcoming anxiety issues at the Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic


“Hopefully this may help certain people who’ll relate. It was about May 2013 when I finally overcame anxiety and panic attacks, most sickening months of my life where you never know what you’re going to do, and it wasn’t until my mum knew and I spoke out about it I could sort things out. It hit me again this summer just gone, but I knew from the techniques I was taught getting over it wasn’t an issue.

Took time and money but it was the best I ever spent. Can only thank one man for that, David Crees, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Cheltenham. His company is Ethical Minds. Don’t hesitate for help when it’s there. That blokes a genius.”

Chris Hughes via Instagram  (ITV – Love Island) #worldmentalhealthday

“To dear David, I want to write and say thank you so much to you for helping me. I have struggled with my fears and anxieties for many years. So much so I had accepted it as part of my life. It was actually ruining my life. I was very nervous about having hypnotherapy but you took the time to explain everything to me. 

I felt safe and confident and then felt I could trust you immediately. I honestly never thought it could be possible to not be the way I was any more but David you have truly set me free. I cannot recommend you enough to everyone I meet. It was the best money I have ever spent! You are the loveliest man and I think everyone needs a bit of ‘David’ in their life.”

Natalie W. Cheltenham.

“He was very approachable and I felt comfortable within minutes of meeting him. Within the first session David and I had agreed a set of goals to reach so that we would know when I had solved my initial problems. This ensured that we both knew when we could finish the therapy keeping the cost to the minimum. During the sessions we confronted my issues of stress and anxiety through goal setting, CBT and hypnosis. I would definitely recommend David”

Phil, Gloucestershire.

“David, before I came to see you at the Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic I was having very regular anxiety and panic attacks. They made me feel very down. The sessions with you transformed me into a happy, smiling person with no fears or anxiety. I can now achieve all the things I couldn’t do before. I would recommend your sessions and approach to anyone in a similar position, Thanks so much, you’re a genius!”

Jamie. Bishops Cleeve

David has been a fantastic support for our son who has struggled with some anxiety about a few things. Our son found him easy to talk to, and comes out of each session feeling calm and positive and armed with an ever increasing set of tools that he can use to help him manage his anxieties when he needs to. Furthermore, David’s support has extended beyond session times. He has made himself available for phone calls with our son at times.

He has gone above and beyond to ensure our son’s well being during those times that have been really challenging for him. We would thoroughly recommend him.

KB. Stroud Valleys

“There is no room for any pessimism in David’s professional company. He oozes positivity and whilst this can be a challenging notion, under the backdrop of stress and anxiety , somehow I’ve become more aware of my thinking errors as these are challenged in therapy. Sessions were relaxed and had positive motivational structuring with some ‘homework’ to undertake. There were practical exercises too. David tailors his therapeutic approaches to ones needs has a wealth of different approaches and tools.

The main hypnotherapy, is tailored individually and David is very skilled and gifted in carefully enabling one to relax into a place of calm in order to benefit from his suggestions, which are powerful and effective even after the session. I will be returning to David for further sessions in the future and thank him for all he did for my severe anxiety.”

Michael, Gloucestershire

A way forward

Using carefully selected NLP, CBT and Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques clients learn to interrupt and break these unwanted patterns of behaviour in a way that makes sense to them. As a result, client’s discover that they can make a real difference to their quality of life.

So, you’re looking for a way forward. You want to manage and deal with these and similar behaviour patterns. You’ll be pleased to know that your answers are closer than you think. David’s approach at the Gloucestershire Anxiety Clinic could change your life for the better. You won’t be looking back – you’ll be looking very much forward and living the life you want to live.

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