Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham with David Crees

Cheltenham hypnotherapist David Crees provides professional hypnotherapy and NLP personal performance coaching at his private practice in the heart of Cheltenham.

You may have read in the national press or heard on television or radio about the great natural, evidence based benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham. Your friends and colleagues may have talked about their experiences of Cognitive Hypnotherapy. You could have had previous experience of NLP which has helped you to achieve your own personal goals and aspirations. Whatever your reasons might be, the fact that you’ve researched and found me indicates to me that I may be able to assist you as you’re actively exploring ways to create a difference to the way you look, think and feel.

Excellent! You’ve just discovered an evidenced based, empowering and innovative approach in Cheltenham that could make the change happen for you and those around you.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP in Cheltenham can help with a wide range of things you might expect like weight loss, quitting smoking, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, to things you might not have considered until now – like confidence building, performance enhancement, public speaking, overcoming unwanted habits, blushing, social anxiety, eating disorders, confident childbirth, unraveling relationship issues, alleviating insomnia, depression, procrastination and so much more.


David’s practice location

No. 3 Royal Crescent Cheltenham



“Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an evidence based, modern and flexible approach that adapts easily to a client’s thinking style in order to facilitate change.”


Working together, we can create your bespoke outcomes far quicker than you might imagine…

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Accredited Cognitive Hypnotherapist Cheltenham Gloucestershire   QCHPA
Master Practitioner NLP Cheltenham
Director at Ethical Minds Cognitive Hypnotherapy Cheltenham England

01242 570186  / 07726 789214

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